Tuesday, August 8, 2006

Just keep Swimming...

Today I went to my new therapy pool at last! It's really a nice facility. A lot nicer than my old one. It was good to get moving again. But I hurt a lot later. Very sore... and so tired.... and Sooooo sick to my stomach.

But hey, I am still exhausted so maybe I can finally go to bed early. YAY! That would be good. Need to feed the babies earlier, though.

I need to finish their room so they can play more. I have been a pretty sucky sugar mama lately because I feel like crap so I don't play with them as long as I should.

I did, however, find what I *think* will be an excellent forever home for baby Plice. Just need to firm up the details. It's a bitter-sweet triumph, however. Losing him makes me cry, but he should have more attention and most of all a cage-mate to be with, and that I can't do right now. I am barely keeping my own head above water lately and my other 3 gliders are both my greatest stresser AND my best stress-reliever. They are my anchor and often my reason for living... but also VERY high maintenance critters.

And less CAGES, mostly. If only dear Plicethenese could be with the others. But his mama still wants to kill him, he and his dad are violently jealous of each other, and Lilo likes him but LOVES being with the other 2 more and I can't do that to her. She's my mama's girl!

So this is a good thing. But sad. Very very sad. Actually, I should probably put this stuff in my other Blog, Tails from the Ark.

(Not that I don't need to tell about my life in here if it involves my animals. Heck, they are my life! But, well, they DO have their own blog. Hee hee hee!)

Oh, guess what though? Either tomorrow or Wednesday I am going with my family to a play called "URINE TOWN!" Hiw can it NOT be funny!


  1. You just blew my mind, what little is left of it. They are neat looking pets, not pictures of children. I am a grandfather and have 3 grandkids, but they are dog and cat people. Thanks for the great post.

  2. "I am going with my family to a play called "URINE TOWN!" How can it NOT be funny!"

    If they spray urine on the audience as a "gag", that's how. I'm just sayin'...

  3. Good POINT, CWE! Eeew. Perhaps I will bring an umbrella and some baby wipes?

  4. hee hee... I'm glad you may have found a home for Plice... and I'm glad that you are moving again. :) And Urine Town? Oh my.... hee hee...

    Tahoe tomorrow!