Saturday, August 5, 2006

Automagically Nourished?

There is CHRISTMAS music on TV right now. Christmas! In August! I know it's just a rerun, but I still think it's a little cruel! I am standing right by our cooler because it seems to do NOTHING for the rest of the dang house. It is hot and yucky... and have visions of sugar plumbs dancing in my head. Except that they are not so much sugar plumbs (which I am GUESSING are, like, gumdrops?) as they are snow and kids and presents and snow and Christmas trees and snow and not hot weather and snow...

I am sick and tired of being Hot. And Hungry. And Sick. And Tired. This whole blood sugar thing is dang annoying. And I have NO motivation and TONS to do today. I feel like I have to be eating all the time with this dumb meal plan and yet, I am always hungry. I don't like even thinking about food that much. Like if I could just take a pill instead, I would. Eating is annoying when you have to do a bunch of homework to do so. AAARGH...

Stupid food.

But I DO have a buttload of plans for being healthier. I joined FitDay and even decided it was worth it to get the PC version that cost. That and a massive pile of diabetes materials from class... I HAVE PLANS. Bringing them to fruition is another story. But what should I eat right NOW? Preferably something that appears like magic in front of me so I don't have to cook it. Okay... GO! (oddly, nothing has appeared.)

Dang it all!

I guess I will be back in a moment since I will need to prepare some food after all. My telekinetic powers must be on the fritz. ;O) hee hee!

So once the frozen semi-low carb tortillas thaw a bit so I can get one OFF the stack, I am going to attempt a breakfast burrito type thing with egg and fake sausage. And some raw cucumber (NOT in the wrap).

Yeah. ATTEMPT. Sometimes even I am astounded at my lack of cooking skills. Watching a mindless movie on TV right now, I *think* it's "The Crew." About gangster-types that are now old men losing their apartment that get mixed back into stuff. It is mildly entertaining. I am just too BLEH to actually accomplish anything today. I NEED to make BML for my sugar gliders today, but I will probably end up cleaning cages after church tomorrow. But I AM going to go to church. I am needing to get myself RIGHT. Do what I need to, follow the Lord, all of that. I need that. I probably need it more than even this health stuff... what is the point of feeling better and but not being a better person?

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