Monday, August 14, 2006

I've Seen Betta Days...

I woke up today angry at my life more than sad. I am not sure whether that is an improvement or not... but it's different. And, at least according to Arby's, different is good.... right? SIGH.

But anyway, it's still been quite the day. Grandma is still in the hospital. Mom went out to the hospital to be with her and got to read her chart. She tried to strangle a nurse with a plastic bag! Good Gordon. Grandma is SCAAAAAARY right now! Mom is so stressed out right now, trying to find a place that has a full-time nursing staff and such that will take her. I just feel so bad for my mom.

I went to Animal Ark, a pet store around here, to apply for a job there. Naturally, I came home with an application... and a new friend. Hee hee! I got a cute new male betta. His name is Gorbie and he is a white Delta Tail. I like him. :O) And yes, I have no will power. What of it?

The highlight of the day, though, was I finally got to talk to Coats! I kept calling her back and missing her and then she'd call me and miss me... it has just been phone tag all weekend. I love that girl. Anyway, we can't play wednesday. She can't get off work at the bank (and I think she is slightly hiding from the boy she likes, Bill. Because, well, we also have complete and utter relationship ineptitude in common) and it looks like mom's bought tickets to the play Wednesday instead of Thursday.

I do very much love my friends, though. I have a good roommate with funny little dogs that I love like my own. I have great Ex-Roomies like Coats who are far too alike for our own good. I have friends who know mw mostly from online but really KNOW me and know what to say. And awesome friends who plan parties, have massively cool Bettas that all my fish wish to be like,blog on their phone, and generally keep me sane... ish. ;O)

By the way, speaking of Bettas, well, I am not the most sheltered person in the world but what the devil is a Betta besides a fish or a computer term?! Because OH MY HECK, do NOT Google Image the term Betta! Not a clue what that means but porn-o-plenty! YIKES and EEW!!! And I am on Moderate Safe Search... Moderate?! UGH.


  1. I had a beta fish once. His name was Jaws. He was awesome.

    RIP, Jaws.

  2. haha.... fish porn! weird.... and gross...

    thanks for the props, btw. hee hee. (did I tell you pescado got himself some new digs??)