Sunday, August 13, 2006

Only one that YOU can see!

CRAP. Okay, so it has been bad lately with my mom's mom. She has Alzheimer's very bad but unfortunatley is rather healthy PHYSICALLY... thus she can run away (she ran marathons till she was 70) and apparently hurt people who she attacked because she believed they were after her.

The other day we were giggling because she called my mom and was so mad at the nurses at her nursing home. She said "They have me surrounded! There are 4 of them after me!"
The nurse, who was by herself, said "Francis, there is ONE. I am only one."
"Only one that YOU can see!" She says crazy stuff all the time, but we have been worried she will get kicked out of her center because she tries to hit the nurses with things and stuff.

Well, tonight my mom called. Grandma hurt someone. Another nursing home resident@ And she hurt them bad. And now my Grandma is in the Psych ward in a hospital in Salt Lake.

My mom was crying. This is so weird to be happening with my grandmother. I can't imagine seeing my own MOTHER doing stuff like that. My poor mom. This is out of control.

My grandma is a good person. Weird and old fashioned and now completely crazy... but a good person. She was a nurse, a good Christian, a college graduate, a beautiful woman, a really hard worker, and my mom's MOMMY. But all they see now is a crazy dangerous old lady.

My poor mom.

(In case you couldn't guess, these pictures are her... her as a nurse... and then her last year at my bestest friend/cousin Megan's wedding)

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  1. Yikes. That would be so hard! I just imagined it with my mother too, but then I had to stop because it's just way too sad. Sorry, love.