Thursday, August 17, 2006

I *KIDNEY* Park City and My Family!

Ladies and Gentlemen, TODAY was QUITE the day!

The interview was... actually I don't know. Parts seemed positive, parts (like the fact that when I get nervous I babble profusely *shudder*) were, to say the least, NOT so Positive. I still don't even know if I WANT the job, but I have decided that it is pretty stupid to decide either way unless I am actually OFFERED the job. No use getting depressed prematurely.

But then I went to the Padres and we all got in the car to go to Park City. Despite it being with my family, IT WAS SO FUN AND FUNNY!

First, we all went shopping at the factory outlets. Okay, that wasn't actually a ton of fun because I momentarily forgot how much I hate clothes and tried on a skirt and shirt that was cute and was instantly reminded how much I hate clothes shopping and my bodyshape in general. GRRRR...

I did entertain myself a lot with this really annoying toy. You plug it into an iPod (or, in my case, my Zire PalmOne.) and it moves and lights up and acts like a crappy speaker. Honestly it made me laugh so hard for it's annoyingness that I almost bought it. But I didn't...


Oh, and by the way, while looking for a picture of it online, I accidently got sent this instead. Ummm... EW.

OH and speaking of eew ( a much more infantile version of eew, however) Urine Town was FREAKING HILARIOUS. I *literally* CRIED I was laughing so hard. So good and so horrid... holy crap I can not even tell you. But if you can, see it. See it! If you have to pay 50 bucks for a ticket. SEE IT. It is sooooooo bad! I LOVE IT. I want to see it again RIGHT NOW. We laughed a TON. And I love my family, even.

An example of their coolness? My hilarious little brother told me, totally out of the blue when discussing my possible jobs...

"You know what you shouldn't be? An Inspirational Speaker. You would be the world's WORST inspirational speaker. You'd start like, making fun of people for being losers. You'd be all, 'Kid, you are a whiney little loser. Oh and PS, once you are happy you will probably have your gall bladder explode. See how THAT works for you, Wussy!' And you'd be laughing at all the idiots in the ampitheater. And teachers and principles would chase you out and kids would kill themselves." Where the HELL did THAT come from, you freak?! DUDE, I have da COOLEST little brother!

And now I should REALLY try to go to bed.

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