Sunday, August 20, 2006

Good Grief! The Comedian's a Bear!

Well, for once my weekend felt like a WEEKEND! Not an always perfect one, but a real weekend! Like with leaving my house on occasion, seeing friends, and... an unfortunately common weekend occurrence, getting sick. But those first 2 things are good!

Friday night I got to play with my bestest friend/cousin, Megan! I HAVE MISSED HER! There are few people I love more in the whole universe than Meggy. She was coming to hang with me at the Ark but then called to say that her Doctor had called her and she had an appointment in the morning, so could I come there. NO PROBLEM. I will drive to the ends of the earth... or Sandy, Utah... to get to play with my Meggy. So I did. Her hubby, Jakey was on his way out to Wargame with Megan's daddy, Uncle Lynn, so I said a quick hello (he is such an awesome guy. I LOVE Jake. He is so good to Megs, and that goes a very long way in my book. Plus he is dang funny and also from my part of Texas!) and me and Meg played with her "girls," Pixie and Monet, the cats. I love animals... though not so much a cat person. But I really LIKE Meg-n-Jake's cats, actually. Not even just because they are hers. They are pretty good cats. Not too stand-offish, not too rubby and shedy. They play with stuff even though they are adults instead of lying around like lazy lumps. Yup. Good cats. Pretty, too.

We giggled LOTS and talked about diabetes (that she probably has, too, it turns out. <:OC Like she NEEDS another crappy sad thing in her life!!!! Grrr...), Jake, boobs, the kitty cats, the boys (T-La's hilarious kiddlets... ie: Megan's Nephews), movies, and general silliness. I LURRRRVE MEGS!!! Then we jumped around on her LuvSac until we were comfy and watched Serenity and Chicken Little... both of which were EXCELLENT FLICKS I would highly recommend!

On the way home though, well, I had a very very scary experience. The Jeep needed gas and so I started to pull into the gas station and a police man blaring his siren and lights drove so close to me , screeching his tires and almost hit me! Then more and more cops came and there was I guess a gun shot, but no ambulances came so I assume nobody was shot but there were at LEAST 10 cop cars! They blocked the road and I decided I needed to get out of the way! I drove to another gas station. It was like a hold up or something. I freaked out. I couldn't drive, I was shaking and crying. I almost saw a shooting. It was just almost. I was fine. But I just got a MAJOR panic attack. Yuck. Thinking about it makes me feel sick.

afterwards, I decided I was a bit too unhinged to drive home from Salt Lake. So, since I still hadn't got her a gift, I decided to go to the nearest Wal*Mart and get Stewbert her bachelorette shower present! I also called Steph because I was all stressed and shakey and plus needed help on the gift. With Steph's help I got her as risque and sexy a gift as I a virgin at Wal*Mart in Utah could which was essentially just some silly stuff including fruit roll-ups and a pair of scissors and post it notes on which I wrote and stuck on the roll-up box "Make Your Own Edible Undies Kit!" Seriously, apparently stress and fear, combined with friend silliness makes me DIRTY! (PS and yes, they were Scooby Doo tattoo ones!!!)


Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee! They did, however, turn out to be a hit at the party the next day (ie: today, Saturday... or what WAS today a few hours ago. I should SO try to go to bed, but unfortunately... BLEH....

In fact, I should REALLY try. I want to go to church tomorrow. I want to sleep tonight so I can a) wake up in time for church tomorrow and b) not fall asleep DURING church tomorrow. In fact, okay, this can really be finished tomorrow AFTER church.

*Saving as Draft*... TTYL!!

Okay, it is now after church... but I did not go. And I am feeling sick sick sick!!! I have been keeping the toilet company ALL DAY. SIGH.

My mom is on her way over to give me a test thingy for something undiabetic... and NO it's not a preggy test, unless we are due for another immaculate conception. I certainly haven't had sex... or kissed anyone lately... or TALKED to a boy lately. So it would have to be one heck of an immaculate conception. Really that is one thing I hate about weddings, bridal showers, etc. It makes me think. About sex it is *bad*, but mostly just funny and silly. The dangerous preoccupation is not even about sex so much as about boys and life and the fact that I have neither. I start feeling like an old maid. I don't really care to be MARRIED right now... but I WOULD like to have a boy who likes me and will play In a Pickle or King's in the Corner or Poker or go fly kites or go to the dinosaur museum with me at a moment's notice.

On second thought maybe I don't need a boyfriend...

I need a NANNY.

Anyway, back to describing my weekend.

I slept through many many alarms because I had a crappy night, but got ready in record time and went to Stewie's shower. It was fun! And I am not a shower person. We did not have to make wedding dresses out of toilet paper or newspaper so that is one plus. hee hee hee! We played a few games, drank water bottles with fun quotes on them. My water said:
"It doesn't make any difference what you do in the bedroom as long as you don't do it in the street and frighten the horses." - Mrs. Patrick Campbell hee hee

Which made me giggle.

The whole thing was fun, though it made me a bit achey for boys, even very platonic friends like Parker and Cousin Jas (who it really wasn't platonic, but I won't screw it up by admitting that (not MY cousin, by the way. Coats' cousin.) I am very happy for Stewbert and her impending Hubby, Mo. She deserves it. But it doesn't mean I am immune from a LITTLE bit of jealousy, you know? Dumb things make me girly. Bleh. BLEH I SAY!!!

After the party I went home for a bit, played with the critters and stuff before heading to Dirtius and Heatherbella's movie party which was also VERY FUNNY! The Muppet Show and Arsenic and Old Lace! Old school hilarity and funny people. I didn't realize how close Dirt and Heather's new house is to MINE! Yay! We shall have to play again.

I went home though, as I said, feeling awfully sick. I am pretty sure now it is NOT all blood sugar, judging by today. I am seeing the surgeon tomorrow. Hopefully they will give me some idea.

Holy Hannah. It just now occurred to be that school starts THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!! I hope... well... I don't even know what to hope. I think I want to do this, the Interpreter program I mean. I think. I want to do SOMETHING, though, that is for sure. And this is something.

But I am scared.

And what SHOULD I do, anyway? I wish I'd get some sort of inspiration or help. I also wish I would sleep normal hours.... and stop throwing up today.

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  1. Hee hee... wow what a weekend! I am sorry you are sick now, but I am SO happy that you got to play! Hopefully you can still come to burger night!

    In response to YOUR awesome notes....

    Awww... that's so sweet of you to think of us. Drat my girl brain, but someday... *sigh* Things are gonna work out... eventually.

    Prism pisses me off because of a certain email.. I can't stand her anymore.

    Um... there is no watch/subscribe list.. that's why I just made a link list of blogs in my blog.. so I can click on them.


    yeah... so.. the whole jealousy thing... I seriously understand.. and wanting a boy... and... yeah. I even went through it with Stewie & Moe... but I got over it.

    It's still hard, I know...

    I heart you!!