Saturday, September 1, 2007

to Boldly Go...

I am having one of THOSE Saturdays. I guess it is a typical Saturday, really, for weekends where I am not teaching a scout class. "Saturday is a Special Day, the Day you..."

do laundry. Lots of laundry because The Roomie went home for Labor Day and so I don't need to hog it another day! Which also means...

birdie-sitting. Buddy's been jabbering away today. They both miss The Roomie a lot, though and get WHINY. But still, they are nice birds. Oh, and just to update a little bit, we do NOT have the Vizsla but we got her a "stay of execution" and connections with a Vizsla rescue group! *phew!*

spending too much time on Gaia. Especially right now. Because we are having a water fight. *blush*
Yes, I am PRETENDING to have a water fight. Such. a. DORK.

watching Star Trek.
Yes. As in the OLD one. hee hee hee.

missing my baby bro. His letters are awesome. But dang. SIGH.

Pondering very odd things. Like being a princess. Or being vegetarian.

BEING DOMESTIC! Yes, that's right people, I am feeling all COOK-ISH! Because I am cleaning out my fridge and part of my cupboard and found cereal! And MARSHMALLOWS! So I think I am going to TRY and make, like a Rice Krispy Treat thing! Except that kind with peanut buteer. I don't know HOW they do that, but it's yummier. Rinny makes them. So does my mom.

YAY! Imagunna do that NOW!


  1. Dude! Those are like my favorite saturdays! only mine usually happen on mondays.

    hm ... i might have to look at gaia tonight after work ...

  2. I'm a dork too... I've bee doing the water fight thing too!!!

    Mmm... those ARE the good ones! I need to get you a timer for Christmas I think...

  3. Ummm... I have a timer? I use it for FlyLady?

  4. Well - use it for cooking to! :-P Hee hee