Thursday, September 6, 2007

"We are the Knights that Say *BEEP*"

I have been writing about MONDAY till now, trying to get caught up. (even at this moment I have yet to put publish because I haven't been able to upload the picture of Mali at the portkey, but by the time you READ this, it will be.)

It was late Wednesday and I was fixing the babies their dinner. I went downstairs to find smoke. We do not have alarms yet. We keep saying "we need to get some fire alarms." "Yeah, not having smoke detectors is just ridiculous." "yeah. So, what is up with the zucchini, is it supposed to be so, like a BALL? Is it like a hybrid? Because..." Blah blah blah. So we don't have them.

Because my first thought was that their heater had tipped over (even though I have not had the heater out in months), I ran for the glider room to grab my gliders, but their room, with the door closed was, thankfully smoke free.

It was my room. It wasn't a fire, like I thought though... and it was pretty easy to see what was causing the smoke that was making me feel sick very quickly (anxiety of thinking my sugar gliders were on fire didn't help the sick thing much either.). The standing fan in the middle of my room had shorted. I don't know if it was a storm thing or what, but the plastic was melting and the smoke was horrible. I was so upset and scared, I could hardly think.

I took the fan out and threw it in the dumpster right then and started air purifiers in my room. I fed the babies and got in my car, bawling. I did leave a note on the whiteboard for the Roomie, but I just took off and spent the night in the padres' basement.

I did NOT sleep.

I felt so sick all day, though. Girly stuff, I think... though, who knows with me. I called in and told Rinny I was not coming in.

However later the family had PLANS. Going to Spamalot! That was... wow... okay, so mostly it was HILARIOUS. But watching it with the parents and Rinny who rarely watches shows over a G? HIGHLY uncomfortable. Let's just say, I do not know how well the ludeness is going to play in Utah. I mean, my Dad was pissed, but that is easy... but even me and my mom raised our eyebrows at a few parts. So, yeah. Funny. OF COURSE wonderfully quotable, since, you know, it's mostly the same but bigger and more musical.. But... ummm... yeah. You have been warned. Don't take your non-Monty-Python fan family to it. It will NOT be pretty.

Furthermore, like I said, I am sick. And THAT is really putting a damper on EVERYTHING.

"What, the curtains?"

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  1. "It's not something you tell a heavily armed Christian."