Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Shoes. Shoes."

I didn't actually realize that my work party was dumb enough to be held on a THURSDAY night in the first place. Sure the dinner was just going to be, like, Potato bar and such, but then we would get to go the corn maze and spook alley time stuff and I *WAS* wanting to do that.

Only nobody could come. Because, hello, all of a sudden it was a random THURSDAY EVENING!

But ends up doesn't MATTER... since I can hardly walk. Limping through a corn maze would probably suck anyway.

I just... I just wanted to go. I like Halloween and fall and... fun things. I got NOTHIN'.

Not having a very good week.

And a lot of that right NOW has to do with my damn FEET.
I HATE wearing shoes in the house. I would like to claim a cultural reason for that...

but the truth is my feet just don't like being suffocated.

But now my right foot hurts horribly if I try to walk without a tank of a tennis shoe surrounding it's stupid tumored up self. I suppose I COULD just wear it on my right and leave my left all free and unencumbered, BUT I would just end up walking lopsided and probably fall down more and end up MORE broken. So I am a goody-2-shoes for real for once.

And that's not all. Today I found out another reason I can't wear some of my favorite, not so supportive shoes. I have this pair of slippahs. They are just cheap, but they match some Sunday stuff I actually LIKE. I got them from WalMart for, like, a couple BUCKS is all. But... I liked them. Today I found out I can't wear them again. Because THEY ARE POISONED. Yes, really.

You know how it seems everything from China is getting recalled for lead? I have sort of thought people were being paranoid. Only guess what. Consider me among the mob now. Because I got this alert, checked it on Snopes, and looked... yup... MY SHOES. Can we trust ANYTHING anymore?! Spinach? Dog Food? Barbies? Flip-Flops? GOOD GORDON.

At least I only wore them a few times on Sundays. Because THIS chick has GROSS pics (you have been warned) of what her's did to her). And my mom is making me take mine back. And yes that is Perry Mason in the background because that is what I am doing right now... SLACKING.

p.s. FOR THE RECORD the TITLE is totally dedicated to Mali and Chan ("Whatthehull?") I am just NOT embedding the video it is from for F-wordage!
"Fithcul Rethponthibility."


  1. Ewww ... them's some bad pics.

    *wonder if Munchkins shoes are similar ...*

  2. That's freaking scary.

    Which is why I only buy one brand of flip flops EVER... and refuse to buy cheap ones (other than they are not as soft and hurt my toes!)

  3. nice slippers....I always wear nike shoes....It became a habit and iam crazy....but now i'd like to wear this slippers.