Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Happy Thoughts

Sometimes the oddest things make me happy. Like Spam. And my roomie. Okay, so in a perfect world a roommate shouldn't be that shocking of a good thing, but I have had a rather patchy history with roomies. So it is fun to live with a good one. Especially in The Ark when so much of our energies are focused on animal rescue.

But first, Spam. Me and my mom were just talking about how sometimes it is funny when they clearly don't speak English so well and say things like "we have yes girls is hottest girls if you" but this one takes the cake for lack of just a letter E.

SUBJECT: The sexist singles want to date you.

So, will he insist my place is in the kitchen? Will he call me woman and make me cook? HEE HEE HEE! That has just been making me giggle all morning.

On to the Roomie and our pet saving adventures. A couple weeks ago or so there were 3 friendly but rambunctious strays in our neighborhood, basically turning into a rather disruptive PACK of dogs. They liked our dogs a lot and since they could clear our fence made it very hard to take the girls OUT to even go potty. They were a German Shepherd, a Vizsla, and something else. All nice, but all LARGE and rowdy and though not mean, not a one had a collar or had eaten in some time. The Roomie finally actually called animal control.

To be honest, I didn't know we DID that at our house since we usually placed so many ourselves, but these were BIG dogs and not the type that would be coming into OUR condo with welcome arms. I thought that was the end of that. Only here is the thing. The Roomie has been VISITING the dogs, and checking if they
are being claimed or adopted and as the time is approaching, well, she has fallen in love with the Vizsla. She told me yesterday that we have to get her OUT of there, now that we put her in. She is going to pay for it, but as she has 2 dogs registered, she can not. SO if she is still there tomorrow (Thursday) *I* will be "adopting" this big hunting dog (for her) and we are taking her to a home she has lined up with her relative.

Basically a "we put her in there... now we have to get her out!"

I just think that is both awesome... AND hilarious... and I will own a dog of my OWN... for 2 days before she is transported to her REAL home. YAY! What's a good Hungarian name? She is a Hungarian Vizsla. Otherwise I think I will call her Amber.

It is so nice to live with some one that is MORE of an activist than me! It's like getting to follow around Jane Goodall!

In other news, the red show barn is locked.
Rinny is not here and thus neither is her magnetic key card thingy.
I do not really want to walk to Farm Country to potty.
So instead I am writing as a break in hopes that maybe my urge to pee will just be re-absorbed?

So Yeah, I am at work taking a break from the frustration that is Finding Reputable Suppliers of Strange Supplies. So far I am HOPING I can get our tadpoles from Aquatic Dragon, as well as a few new Papyrus plants for our pond as ours do NOT seem very PAPYRUS-Y.

And if I can convince Live Monarch that I AM a proponent of Milkweed and encourage all I know to plant it (Hey, you guys, seriously PLANT SOME MILKWEED!!!!!!!) they MIGHT sell us caterpillars at a reasonable rate.

Aaaaaaand.... I have to Pee.

Now that THAT is done it is back to being frustrated at the lack of sources for tadpoles and caterpillars. (Aquatic Dragon seems to be down.) BLEH.


SO, guess who is NOT DYING (HOW? HOW is that possible?) and running for MAYOR in Huntington? My friend BIG CADE!!! AND he is not so big! He has lost 100 pounds in 3 months! Also it was good to hear from her him and Tiff how the whole thing with the mine has been with them. The media gets it so weird and I just wanted to know the real story, you know?

Awww! I have missed Tiff and Cade! I should call her. We should play.

But I am just so amazed with the blessings that have happened to Cade. A few months ago he was dying... DYING of a brain tumor.

I wonder what other miracles will happen for my friends. Like Amy and Dave. I put their names in the Temple, but keep praying for them.

Things ARE improving. Can you believe it? He is starting to TALK... just barely, but STILL.



Wow. Slow going. But Miracles sure DO happen.


  1. So, that's a big dog. But if you want a permanent one who is really good around kids and a lot smaller and very good in a house (and not too hyper), hubby's friends have one someone left with them when they moved. They tried to get us to take her, but we can't have her. Kiddo loves her though (which is saying something; she doesn't dig dogs).

  2. that is a beautiful dog!! I wish I could have her!!

  3. Well, I can't ACTUALLY have a dog right now. We have 2. Not that I wouldn't LIKE it.

  4. Hi there,

    Please remove the photo of the vizsla on your site. This picture was taken and I own the rights.

    Thank you.