Tuesday, September 4, 2007

If I had an air popper it's name would be Frank Bennedetto and if I had a Camaro it's name would be Bumblebee

But my Microwave IS named Mrs. Bennedetto, for the record. Happy Labor Day!!!! And it really was! Yay!

Only now it is past bedtime and I need to, like actually wake UP for work so I might need to go to bed soon as I HAVE taken pills for that, but BLEH because I am not in the mood to sleep and am using my time so wisely *cough*watchingMASHandplayingonGaia*cough* Yeah, okay, I will update tomorrow. SIGH. BORING. Stupid bed. Stupid non-sleep. Stupid morning.

So yeah, Rinny decided we should go FISHING. Because SHE is so windernessy? I don't know, she just decided that that is what one SHOULD do for Labor day and after convincing Padre to take her she tried to get ME to come (at FIVE IN THE MORNING. HA!).

Okay, now I *like* to camp actually. But fishing, not so much. I like my fish sandwiches pre-murdered, thanks anyway. And spending time with just Padre and Rinny... sometimes not... safe for my psyche. Anyway, there is very VERY little worth getting up that early. So I said no and let Rinn and Padre have a Daddy-Daughter-Date on their OWN. Heh heh.

I went back to bed till around 10-ish. Hee hee hee! Then after some general lazing and animal stuff (bird cages, replacing Tortuga's filter pad, talking to my sugar babies, etc.) me and Mali textingly made some plans! Wee! She would show me her school (because, really, without proof, how am I to believe my friends are REALLY grown ups with grown up jobs? HMMMM?!), maybe do some shopping, and go to Transformers that I REALLY was needing to see. It was a good plan. And I was READY to go.

Till BooBonic, my gerbil, turned SUICIDAL! I was all ready to leave, pretty much, when I glance at Boo to see her PUSHING on the ball bearing of her new water bottle WATCHING it drain out and down her arm like "oooh look what I can do!" Her old bottle was sticking (which is why I replaced it) and I think she really was, just fascinated by the fact that SHE could MAKE the water come out like that. Gerbils really ARE pretty curious and bright little critters. Most rodents are (like rats) Smarter than HAMSTERS anyway.

But I was furious, considering wet litter kills gerbils ALL the time (they are desert animals and their respitory systems do NOT handle that well) and could have caused her sister, Latte's death last October. I grabbed her out of there so quick and yelled "Are you TRYING to die?!" and replaced her Carefresh with what little was already upstairs and put her back.

She was probably rather confused and being yelled at for making such an interesting discovery. Poor thing, but she scared me. Dumb baby. I have gotten very attached, even though she isn't a sugar glider, I LOVE her and do not want to lose her! She only just turned 2 this past June. (However, their life expectancy IS only 2-4 years... though I am planning on her exceeding that, dang it all because she just NEEDS to. She's a good girl! And our house is a little fanatical about our animals anyway. I wonder how those statistics take into account things like Not breeding them, mixing own food for optimal nutrition, etc.)

ANYWAY, after Boo and her Suicide Watch issues Mali and I took off south to her school! I was much impressed (but think that you should hang like test tubes and MASH-like still stuff behind those 4 sinks if they insist on being called a "LABORATORY." Maybe Pinky and the Brain in a cage. Something more laboratory-worthy than, like, 4 sinks in a nook. Geez. hee hee!). Both with the grownupness of HAVING a CLASSROOM of her OWN... and with the goofy stuff of having enough standies, toys, etc. in the room to make it seem like an extension of HER. Hee hee hee! It was hilarious to me. I don't know why it just IS, okay?!

Then we went to the Provo Town Center (or is it Towne Centre? I forget, were they trying to be old English? Like Ye Olde Sweets Shoppes?) to buy our tickets to Transformers. Then, having secured those we did the Mall thing and talked about, you know, STUFF... cuz we are girls... and Mali bought some pretty sweet Celtic music and I decided that I was in a terribly PATHETIC demographic in that even though I am NOT anxious to have children...

I AM a little anxious to DRESS those random children in Hot Topic onsies that have Optimus Prime on them or The White Stripes. Because, really, how cool of babies would I have? THE COOLEST. And they will be rocked to bed by rock that is cooler than lullabies and they will probably quote movies as their first words. Because THAT is how cool my babies will be.

If, you know, I end up ever having some. (Or 500 of them. [Cool] BABIES EVERYWHERE!)

So we shopped and talked and then decided we should get food but not before we found THIS! Okay, first of all, that's just AWESOME. Second of all I think I can make an awesome picture of her disappearing as she touches it, like animated which will amuse me to no end. Why yes, yes, we ARE geeks. But still! Weee!

We went to Bona Brasil for Pao de Queijo... but I must say it was kind of a disappointment. It's like they are different EVERY time. Usually that doesn't matter because they are still FANTASTIC, just different (sort of like German Pancake, you know how it just changes every time even when you follow they EXACT same recipe?) but these ones were just not that great. I mean, they were still okay (and the lemonade was great) but certainly not heaven, and so it was sad! Sometime, Mali, when I get a really good one I am going to save it and make you taste THAT. Because, well, that just was not the same.

Not that you HAVE to like Cheese rolls, it's just... yeah. hee hee!

Anyway, we actually went to the movie then and despite some reviews to the contrary (Eric Snider, who I usually tend to agree with completely, yeah, we part ways on this one) I LOVED IT. I mean, I was a fan of a kid, so I expected to like it. But not as much as I DID. There WAS a lot of jumpy random robot fighting where you would normally be like "who is fighting who?" except that true to Transformers style they usually began by yelling out their opponent's names, which made me laugh, but was also appreciated.

But if it had JUST been robots and cars and eye-candy, even though it WAS cool, it wouldn't have been that great, but it was FUNNY. Mostly because Shia LaBeouf. He seriously CARRIES it and is so likable and awkward and FUN. He is becoming one of my favorite actors, I think. Also, I swear he IS BoyKid. "I'm a child. You know, a teenager." Hee hee!

Also for some inexplicable reason certain things struck me so funny, like the evil cop car, Barricade ("to Punish and Enslave") yelling "ARE YOU USERNAME LADIESMAN217?!" I seriously laughed so hard I thought I might pee my pants. I DIDN'T, mind you, but that... was just... SO FUNNY. WHY?! WHY IS THAT HILARIOUS?! I can't even type it! It makes me laugh so hard!

It was a GLORIOUS summer flick. I definitely intend to BUY this one. And I have disturbingly serious crush on Optimus Prime...

but I did 20 years ago so this is nothing new. SIGH!


  1. you're so weird. lol. who has a crush on a robot?? ;)

    didn't your title say "air pooper" first? because I remember being confused.

  2. Crush on a robot? hahahaha. I *heart* Shia. And that Ladiesman217 line is hysterical.

    If not for the "Sam's Happy Time" scene with that one word, I'd buy the movie and watch it a lot. We took the kids to see it at the recommendation of our HOME TEACHERS. Yeah. We all liked it, but did they HAVE to say that? lolol.

  3. actually, no, I didn't even do a thing to the title, weirdo. hee hee! But, yeah Stewie, just that part, I know. I was like, even if they JUST made the jokes with the euphemisms, the kiddlets probably would not have got it...

  4. Figures that it would be a ROBOT that got you all hot and bothered instead of a human man. hee hee hee.

  5. I totally want to see it again now. I double *heart* Shia. I've liked his funny face for a while.

  6. Dude Steph, Optimus Prime is so freaking sexy, there is just no way of explaining it. Well, maybe the same as sexiness in a really nice car. That IS Optimus Prime.

    Besides, he's got that rockin' sexy voice. Yummy.

  7. Oh and I'm totally yoinking the Portkey picture for Facebook. Hee hee