Friday, September 21, 2007

honest with a robot

Today was a hard day. I started to have a really terrible pain in my foot Thursday morning and it has been getting worse and worse. The thing is, my mom had it the same way in the same spot and if it is the same, well, that's not good.

If it doesn't stop over the weekend I am going to have to get it checked out.

But hobbling around is not the only thing I have been dealing with today. A woman called to tell me she had found my credit card outside the pool and called the company. They told her to cut it up and when I called to report it missing it would already be destroyed. Well, she called me, too, and left it at the pool desk.

It is nice that there are honest people out there.

I deposited my recent pay check into checking... only to find that as my auto-payment had just gone through ON THAT CARD... I was over drawn and even my new pay check didn't cover it. I transfered my savings into it to get me out of the whole.

I called the credit card company to "officially" report my card lost, found and destroyed and the computer voice asked me to verify which of the recent charges I had made.

I admit that for just a moment I thought "I am in debt. I could at least say I did not buy what was recent." I would NEVER have thought that had I been talking to a PERSON, but somehow, talking to a robot, I lose my integrity? Well, I didn't. But it crossed my mind. And THAT made me feel horrible even thinking about it.

But no, I do not lie. Not even to Robots.

But my life is a little scary right now. I can't hang on to this job just because I like it for much longer. I am out of money. My good insurance runs out in November. I am scared to start dealing with the Voc Rehab. I am nervous about my procedure with Dr. YeahBaby... which is TUESDAY.

And now I am limping because of a maybe nueroma (benign growth thing) and have to borrow money from the padres. UNCOOL.


  1. Hang in there! I love you!

    And don't apologize for not being there for me for one moment! You have to deal with your stuff and we DID talk about it being tough all around for EVERYONE lately it seemed. :)

  2. Life is pretty scary at times. BOTH of our checking accounts got overdrawn a couple weeks ago -- I *never* do that. Had to borrow money from my parents too, and I have a "grown-up" job. Money issues, family issues, relationship issues, health issues ... It'll work out and be okay.

    One quote I like is, "Everything will work out at the end. If it's not okay, it's not the end." Or something like that. Unless I'm in a *really* bad place, because the end just seems so damn far away. *sigh*

    I'll shut up now.

  3. i'm sorry, hun. i know how freaky the money issues can be. heck we had to borrow money last month from my parents. i hate not feeling like an adult. :(

  4. Asking for help is so hard. You are amazing and many of us feel money woes. We'll keep you in our prayers!!