Sunday, September 16, 2007

Favorite Colors

Last night I went to a Colors concert! YAY! I have missed those boys SO MUCH! I was on my mission when they decided to stop playing and focus on their families and stuff. Me and Rinny got to be friends with them, over the years, and I have actually missed THEM, not just their CDs, though I *do* love their music.

I admit the show made me kind of sad, though and nostalgic. I miss the "old days" dang it!

Like, the "old days" in general.

When my friends and I all had time to play after classes and I SAW many of them every single day.
When I went to the doctor about things like Strep and sinus infections, instead of the scary stuff.
When Megs lived closer and we went to church together.
When Brady was alive... and so was Uncle Ariel, Grandma, and my dog, Cassie.

But yeah, it was a good concert. And I will finish this tomorrow as it it so time for bed.


AND now it is ANOTHER tomorrow. Seriously, why do I even post right now? My head hurts... my brain hurts... my heart hurts.

Nothing is okay.



    how did I not know about that?!?!

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaaaa ... me too.

    although i've never been to one and probably would've had to work anyway ...

    hubby will even listen to my colors cds ... remind him of his mission (they were allowed to listen to colors and not much else, which is sort of funny since some of the songs can be ... nawty).

  3. I hope today is a better day for you! YAY for the concert!

  4. I didn't know either until right before, and we were scrambling to get tickets. They were sold out and we were on the lawn behind the chairs, but STILL! Colors! However, they said that they are going to do it again if anyone wants to get on their mailing list at

  5. so.. are they back together then? because I mean... even the SITE expired for a while and everything!