Sunday, September 30, 2007

He moved his arms and legs and I was Braver

This keeps making me giggle.

(a little background, in case you didn't know Kevin Everett is a football player who was temporarily paralyzed after a violent collision during a game a few weeks ago. This piece was about how he is slowly recovering.)


Anyway, at present I am trying to type with only my right hand because McKenzie is INSISTING I use the left to scratch her head. Technically, I am taking my hands safety into my, umm, hands, because you should really not HALF pay attention to an animal who can bite through a finger bon
e if she got jealous of the typing hand. But we... USUALLY... have a pretty good relationship. Buddy is the one who gave me the scar I have on my thumb. McKenzie is a pretty good girl. Now she is almost falling asleep on my knee. Awww. Okay, I am not a BIRD person, still... but that's pretty darn cute.

What a sweet little girl. She may not be a sugar glider... after all... I still don't TRUST a bird like I trust my babies. They might just turn on you. Granted, suggies might too... but not like birds. But for birds, McKenzie is definitely one of my favorites. And she looks deceivingly angelic right now. I should give her a treat.
hee hee!

In case you couldn't guess, I am birdie-sitting. The Roomie left for the weekend. She actually TOOK our newest feather baby with her, the baby parakeet, Critter! He is a cutie, but tiny. I have been calling him a
PARA-GLIDER... because we got this idea and have been carrying the little thing around in a sugar glider pouch! HA! And of course, she took the girls. (That's Trinket and Shasta)

So, as usually, I am tending the green things and the birds (minus Critter).

ANYWAY, today I feel a little brave.

This may seem silly but I am NOT good with authority figures. It doesn't really matter if they are nice or not. I do not, voluntarily, talk with doctors, policemen, OR Bishops. It is really hard for me. I get so sick of all these stupid doctors. Anyway, today I went to my Bishop of my new ward with out being asked to. I walked into his office and almost immediately started to bawl. I cried and told him how frustrated I was that I got this shot for my head, but then got the thing with my foot. How it seemed the harder I was trying to do what was right, the harder it was to actually DO so, physically. I told him how few Sundays I could make all 3 meetings. How today I had almost done it... 2 and a half. And how I wanted to be happy about that 2 1/2 but that I had had my procedure this week and just wanted to feel NORMAL now.

I told him that in this ward, where, really, we had a very large number of "special" members with various challenges I also didn't really feel I had any RIGHT to complain. There are people struggling much more than me with major disabilities and yet there THEY are, at church all the time. I KNOW the things he said, about just doing my best and the Lord understanding, I know them but feeling them are different. I did feel better after talking to him (partially just because I let him KNOW I wasn't just skipping church for fun, though I think he knew anyway).

And THAT, people, is progress. I talked to my Bishop without being asked to first. And he made me feel a little better. Yay!

I still feel lost. And damaged. But it's a START.



  1. yay! I'm glad you went to see him!

  2. Awesome. Proud of you!

  3. That's a big step! I'm proud of you too for taking the walk into his office. :-)