Thursday, September 20, 2007

"It Tastes like Salsa!"

Yaaarrr people! Ahoy! 'Tis International Talk Like a Pirate Day! My favorite fake holiday of all for all my landlubbers and scallywags alike! But as it is after the time of midnight, I will cease with the talking in pirate manner and instead just talk ABOUT the day as it is much much easier. Avast!

First of all I woke up and was doing normal house stuff, but then I got up and got to doing really important things... like dressing my Gaia character in Pirate clothes.

And then I emailed or texted, like, everyone for whom I had contact info for wishing them a happy Talk Like a Pirate Day. Okay, so not EVERYONE, but practically. Even those I probably shouldn't. (ie: Gilch. You know, if someone's religion forbids them to celebrate even REAL holidays like Christmas, it is probably poor taste to textually harass them about silly holidays. I will probably apologize for that tomorrow. ANYWAY, yeah.)

THEN, I dressed in my best piratey garb. I wore my "My Dad is a Pirate" shirt (made by Phoenix who sells them (don't worry chica, the props are free *wink*), my pirate scarf (around my waist) Rinny made me for last Christmas as well as the Lobster necklace I stole from her, and my awesome pirate hat and stuff CC and Stewie gave me when my house flooded in May. YAY! So at least I LOOKED the part... SORT of.

Unfortunately, then it was time for Doctors (which is why this day did not include WORK, you see. Because, oddly, TLAPD is not usually a recognized holiday off from work). So off I went to that. I texted Mali about our plans (which were big!) from the waiting room.

I did try to pretend I was a pirate who had been shipwrecked when I was in the pool (instead of a dancing water nymph or a mermaid like I usually pretend) but physical therapy techs kept coming in and making me self-conscious.

Finally, I was done and Mali was done teaching and we were ready to roll! I mean set sail!

Our plans? A special pre-theatrical (should it ever make it there) screening of Pirates of the Great Salt Lake at Broadway Centre Cinemas downtown where dressing up like pirates was to be encouraged and one of the leads, Trenton James would be there. Also Hot Topic at the Gateway and adding to our pirate embellishments. And finding somewhere yummy to eat.

And so after plotting our course, we lifted anchor and shoved off to adventure! YAAAARRR!!!!

Mali drove. And as we drove we played Veggie Tales to get us in the mood!
"I think you look like Cap'n Crunch!"

We bought our tickets first thing (which was good, later it was CRAZY) and went to the mall in search of buried treasure! I mean food! We ate at Costa Vida which is always good. Then on to Hot Topic!

Okay, so if we REALLY wanted lots of pirate stuff we would have hit a costume store. But we DID get temporary tattoos... and Mali got some REALLY cute stuff, like earrings and a Transformer jacket that I would covet if the biggest size they had was not 2X. But, yeah. Good stuff. Also, the clerk was impressed with our outfits and said "okay, see YOU 2 obviously know what day it is!" because apparently nobody did. Then she invited us to, like the store worker people planned to, dress up in the costume stuff and take a picture. And so, we did. (Along with a headless (and legless) wench!)Molly... who I suppose was saying Arrrrgh, but looks a little more like she was confused...

and Me... I swear standing this way FELT normal, I don't know why it LOOKS like I am walking on eggshells. (and my REAL hat (the one I wore to the show) is cuter, but anyway)!

After Hot Topic we went to the theater and the line was LONG but we got to saunter past it. There were people (pirates... and one inexplicable person with cat ears?) sword fighting all over. NERDS OF A FEATHER, baby! IT WAS HILARIOUS! It was somehow extra entertaining that this wasn't like a POPULAR thing like Star Wars Fans or something getting ready for the next Star Wars. NOBODY has seen this, and yet, we are all dressed up to see this possibly TOTALLY lame movie because dangitall IT HAS PIRATES!!! And, okay, it looked stupidly funny.

And, yes, it actually WAS pretty hilarious. We laughed a LOT. Granted, being surrounded by people cheering "YARR!" at parts, how could you NOT?! But yeah.

(For those of you wondering, yes, it earned the PG-13, so, like I do NOT expect, like, my sister to go. Use that as a guide, should it ever make it big.) Before we went IN, we went int to rest room and got properly inked. This is my arm.

I also have a skull and cross-well-SWORDS on my ankle. Shiver me timbers!

They showed it on a DVD player (which kept making us giggle at the not-so-professionalism) but on the big screen to many a cheer. And Mali and I decided, despite his protest when we asked him that Trenton James may very well be the Ask a Ninja NINJA.

Which, being a PIRATE, too, well, kind of is a conflict of interests, but seriously, if you heard him talk in real life... AWFULLY suspicious. He said "I get that a lot."

(btw, During certain parts of the movie we also decided he could be Will Ferrell's illegitimate son. But we didn't ask him about that, just the Ninja connection. Hmmmm...)

ANYWAY it was all VERY funny. Then we went to 7-11 in a dodgy part of town and Mali got hugged by a panhandler (yes, hugged. Not mugged. But I question the difference at times) because she is freaking charitable. We got Slurpees and BY THE WAY, kudos to 7-11 for making a DELIGHTFUL Crystal Light Slurpee so us dieters and diabetics could join in the fun! YUM!

It was a probably the BEST TLAPD ever. I don't know that I'll be able to top it the next time September 19th rolls around, but I am sure glad we did it this time. I have been having a crappy go of things lately and while one day of piratude didn't fix my medical, financial, or emotional state... well, it sure didn't hurt.*

*okay, so it hurt a LITTLE. My head is pretty bad today. And I spent money I did not have yet. But STILL! I NEEDED THIS.


  1. VERY cute post!

    The only other "pirate-y" thing I saw that day was that Disney was offering up their Pirates of the Caribbean suite for $2500.00/night!!

    Honestly, people!! WHO actually rents out that room??

  2. your flip flops crack me up. I didn't know pirates wore them. ;)

  3. Stupid Stupid Stupid...getting hugged by

    And as for my expression, I was trying to give a Barbossa-esque expression...but may be a shock to many but I am not Geoffrey Rush.

  4. Wait. You're... not? But... then who ARE you? I am SO confused?!