Saturday, September 15, 2007


The Roomie and I are babysitting her niece (hilarious 4 year old) and nephew (boring and crying baby). Just reminding me that kids rule... and babies drool. Literally.

Last night I dreamed that Fresno came back. We were at the Harvest Festival that is coming up at work. He was there just to talk or something. I kept kissing him, trying to kiss him really HARD to, like, CONVINCE him that we WERE attracted to each other. Like, Frenching, which I don't actually DO. Incidentally, I don't think I was even DREAMING a very successful French Kiss, having no real life experience.

I woke up... frustrated.

It was stupid.


  1. THAT is a sucky dream.

    Babies do drool and cry ... but they are snuggly and sweet ... sometimes.

  2. Sometimes I hate dreams. Just so you know.

    Baby's drool a lot, but so do some dogs so I guess it's ok.

  3. Ah yes, the "EX" dream. Sometimes (actually, ALL the time), I think they're Heavenly Father's way of saying to you, "You might think you love Fresno, but he's only frustrating you right now. But hey! Now you know that you've got it in you to LOVE again... to be vulnerable and 100% open again. And you know what, BA? You totally WILL."


  4. Oh, and also...

    Take it from me... One day soon, you'll marry someone who is head over heels cah-razy for you, who adores all of your best qualities and forgives (or doesn't even notice) your worst. And you will find a small something that reminds you of Fresno, and you'll muse and wonder what the heck you could have possibly seen in that guy! If only you had known what was in your future!

    I still do that sometimes. It's a great feeling.

  5. I don't think I've ever had a dream like THAT.... of course... I've never had a boyfriend, so... sorry.

  6. BTW, Laurie is right. Dreams about exes are normal. I've even had dreams I was "in the moment" with my ex and I was freaking out in my dream and woke up completely and totally creeped out, grossed out, crying hysterically, until I realized it was just that: A dream. (and I haven't had another one since I met my husband ...)