Sunday, September 9, 2007

101.9 The End of Summer Jamboree!

The day of the Jamboree arrives and I guess I didn't really get the whole-day-ness of the event and then I had the radio on while I was just chillin' in my bedroom and they said they were down at TGP getting set up. So I texted Mali, who texted back "what time are we going tonight?"
That's when I told her my discovery that I was a dork and didn't realize it started, technically at NOON! Well, she had chores to do and I should have too, except to be honest, I was curled up in bed really wishing the concert was next week.

Between my girly guts and my worsening headache again, I woke up wishing I was dead. But I tried the whole "fake it till you make it" thing... and even though I medicated heavily (Ugh.) I don't think I did so well at it. The meds helped, but I was sick in every bathroom I went to, and my head wanted to explode. Yeah, BLEH...

Anyway, I went to Mali's and we found a blanket and some card games and then went to lunch at Los Hermanos. Yum! (Even though I ate very little of my meal, (but a lot of the chips and horchata) since I felt so yucky, even that was TOO MUCH.) Then we went out to TGP. I was sick when we reached it though, and needed a restroom quickly. So we went to the Farm first, especially once we saw the sign that said "No Re-admittance." NOT ready to commit fully to the conbcert yet we used the facilities at Farm Country and looked at the silly goats. The newest baby... a little black pygmy... is just a DOLL! And I said hi to my little girl Ambrosia, who looks almost all grown up. If the door latch hadn't have been such a pain (and Mean Meagan was eyeing me) I would have hugged her while I was in there.... and TRIED to catch the cute new kid, but probably failed. They are QUICK! But NEXT time, Mali, I will be more behind the scenes and see who we can catch. Hee hee!

When we finally went in and staked our claim on the lawn, we had a pretty good time just chilling, playing cards, and listening to music, even though most of it at first was nobody I really KNEW. (Limbeck? Piebald? Maybe I just don't know new stuff anymore.) The only one that I thought was really good of the ones I never heard of was Lucas Reynolds. Had a pretty good sound. Mali called him a "little bit of American Cold Play." Anyway, he was pretty good.

The Aquabats were (of course) INSANE! Fighting the pilgrims and giant turkey over the right to rename Thanksgiving Point, High-Five City, sending toddlers crowd surfing on floating toys in a "seahorse race," and other antics. Oh my heck. Lunacy.

However, I feel bad because I just was NOT in a silly enough mood. I have ALWAYS liked them and I was looking forward to seeing them live, and DID enjoy it, but honestly, I just wasn't as into it as I should have been because I was tired and girly. And that makes me sad. I wanted to love it.

They are so bizarre. I especially liked when they were singing about Pizza Day being the best day of the week and throwing pizza and a slice apparently fell right on this chick's cleavage. One of the Aquabats said, "see, now, you should have listened to your mother. I bet she told you that was too low cut for 'standards.' And now you have pizza on your chest."

Anyway, funny stuff.

Colbie Caillat was good, just sort of... a Bummer. She is obviously a talented girl and stuff but the music was a little too... I don't know. It was making BOTH of us think about people we'd rather not right now (Fresno and Ender). Bleh. So we talked about how dumb boys were, how dumb we were, etc. But basically just not in the mood for her songs. OH but they had peach cobbler. Had to buy that! Woo hoo?

Decided I was NOT such a fan of The Format. Kind of whiny... annoying... yeah. Not a huge fan. But we decided to kill time ourselves, once it got darker... watching Scrubs on Mali's iPod. Hee hee!

Finally the best was Toad the Wet Sprocket, even though they made me feel old by saying, "some of you may have heard this one in the womb..." before doing one of their older songs. They were really good. And we also pretended to flirt with some cute boys' legs. That was funny. But I was feeling pretty crappy by then. And we decided we wanted to hear Toad, but didn't care that much about Dashboard so after the set (which was mighty good) we just listened to them as we walked out of the park.

So, yeah, that was the night. It was good. I just wish I was in a better mood. I am sure I wasn't much fun to be with.

And I didn't even get HOME-home after before getting sick again. Stopped at the Padres.


And lest you think CC is the only nerd, I thought I would share MY house in Gaia (because I am super proud of it)...
along with points of interest circled in Blue.

A. That's right, I totally have a little parrot to answer my phone. Because that is way better than an answering machine.

B. I also have a dog. It is a Sheltie and I am just going to pretend it is playing with and not mauling that baby chick. And since the whole THING is pretend, it can be TRUE.

C. No, that is not a Girlie Poster, it just goes with my retro/surfer/Tiki stuff, you sickos!

D. That's right, pancakes and Coke for everyone! I am just that awesome of a pretend hostess.

E. Yes, I stole that from CC. Covet Covet Covet!!!

So... yeah. I should go to bed, like, yesterday. BLEH.


  1. i'm so jealous! i haven't seen the aquabats in like 4 years. limbeck is cool from what i remember, but that was back in 1999 so i'm not sure if they're still good or not. lol.

  2. oh man, sick/not feeling well and going to Los Hermanos/Mexican food---you're brave.

  3. I think the night/day...festivous was rather enjoyable, considering. No need to fret about me not having any fun. It's always fun with you.

  4. Not so much BRAVE as probably dumb, birthday girl. SIGH.