Saturday, August 4, 2007

Teenage Messy Nolongervegitarian Turtle

If I keep busy... OR keep stupid (sleep/occasional but appropriate pills/watch dumb TV shows and moves)... I can keep from thinking about Fresno all the time.

This morning CC came to get me and we went to Stewbert's church to support her awesome daughter Munchkin in her decision to be baptized! Maybe that's an odd way to put it, but I believe even a kid (but especially an awesome one like Munchkin who is one of my favorites) makes that CHOICE and commitment and should be recognized for that. It ISN'T just a given. It's a big thing. A huge step. And bravo to her for making it. :O)

Then we went back to The Ark and played with the dogs (who were sore from overdoing it on the hike The Roomie took them on as part of that Date the other day, I think.) and tormented the parrots a little while waiting for TheBoy to call CC back and do some computer thing. CC ended up taking a short nap on the couch before he even called. He's an idiot. But then, he's a GUY so I guess that's a little redundant.

I didn't cry much today. Just a little during Munchkin's cousin(?)'s confirmation and for awhile later in the afternoon and then again this evening. But in general I kept occupied enough not to cry extensively. Progress.

Things I am thinking about a lot today... about changing myself so I like me better:

Losing Weight... WW, funny recipes, and frustration with doctors.

Getting my dang house in order. ie: FlyLady

Taking better care of my babies. Basically, more play time with my suggies, and I am on a desperate search for a free 30 gallon or bigger aquarium for Tortuga. He is an angsty teenage turtle right now and NEEDS MORE SPACE but I can't buy one right now. He even attacked and ate all but the HEAD of his catfish friend Daveycat! So I am pouring over Craigslist and Freecycle but I don't know if it will be fast enough. He has ESCAPED a few times already. He needs a big boy room now, poor little dude.

Church. Tomorrow the "special" ward may have gotten my records from the other ward. I don't love either. But I think I dislike this one a lot less. At least as of last week. So, yeah. Kind of nervous to be official though. We'll see.

Unfortunately, He still seems to be attached to every thought, even at the edges. It is annoying. Go away, you stupid heart.


  1. Yeah, it was munchkin's cousin. hehe. they were born 6 days apart.

    Yay for more time with the suggies!

    And thanks again for coming -- and Munchkin is so stoked about her gift! She wanted to immediately do the Mentos thing, but we didn't have any soda ... and I forgot it at the store ...

  2. I think Tortuga need therapy... hee hee.

    I'm glad you came too!!! And thanks for letting me randomly sit around... idiot indeed. Hee hee

  3. It's kind of scary that you describe your turtle as "angsty" because a friend of mine in Vegas used to do that.