Sunday, August 19, 2007

Bubble Gum Pie... YUMMMM!

Today I went to Sandy and joined my Aunt Clare's primary for a bit.
I taught them to sign "Listen to the Still Small Voice
(... Listen Listen. When you have to make a choice He will guide yooooooou... Always.")

I sat with T-La (who was skipping nursery with Caleb and Elijah for the "occasion") till my turn. I also had to share a little mission story (gag.) and scripture (Which I explained the story of the very awesome 1st Kings 19:11-12 in the Bible (Elijah is ALMOST as cool as Paul.)). It went... okay. I know, I teach for my JOB. But even still I still hate being in front of groups like that. I was so nervous the whole time and the stress doesn't stop when I sit down (because that's when the second guessing sets in.) One-on One I am okay. Walking around and saying "oh that is a great looking cow, Maria!" or "Can you tell me why you chose meters, Corbin?" I can do that. But the in front all eyes on me, even KID eyes... I get scared.

So, yeah, even though Clare and T-La said I did great and the kids seemed interested I still didn't feel that great about the whole thing. I was feeling BETTER before the Primary President asked me, AFTER I had taught the kids the song and such, "so, now, do you actually know Sign?"

She meant it innocently enough. I could have got it out of a book AND I was nervous enough I didn't look all that fluent AND I am VERY rusty. But it still was a pretty crushing question, considering.

Anyway, after primary I took off for Megs and Jake's! Megs has been sick and we haven't talked in way too long but then *I* have been sick too and I so didn't care. I needed to see her and just to talk.

We chatted about stuff. We talked about our all too many medical maladies. I cried and told her about Fresno. She showed me a bunch of recorded Divine Comedy Pro Tour skits from the TiVo or DirectTV or whatever fancy beeping TV thingy it is she has that I so don't have ("Saturday's Ninja"... OH. MY. HECK. SO funny.) and watching various Flight of the Conchords songs on You Tube like Albi the Racist Dragon

And Business Time


Then we (Me, Meggy, Jake) went over to Les & T-La's house... which is also Aunt Clare & Uncle Lynn's house... and Gabe & Caleb & Elijah... and their 2 dogs, Ratu & Sydney and only a few years ago was also the home of Megan AND Grandma (Yeah, busy house)... for family dinner with them. It was fun and yummy. (T-La cooked and she is QUITE the chef.) We talked and played awhile and then Megs went home not feeling well but I stayed and played with the boys and chatted with T-La. She really is SUPER Mom... to a fault... and those boys, especially Caleb, are PAINFULLY cute. But HYPER!!!!! OH MY GOSH.

I got MAULED today. And pummeled with blankets. And forced to watch Yu-Gi-Oh... with commentary from Gabe.
"[Kipluck], you will LOVE this movie! It is scary because they are in a mind and and it is dark and spooky! Don't be spooked though. It's a cartoon. That guy is named Pegasus."
"Because... he is a flying horse?" I asked, foolishly.
"NO, this isn't HERCULES!"
Silly me.

I *heart* those boys, though. (but no, fyi, I did NOT love Yugioh. Sorry, Gabriel.)

Speaking of Anime, though, Rinny just moved into Old Mill (much to her TERROR since that is right by where *I* lived when I had my Jeep and identity stolen even though that was a totally FREAK thing) and where as her last apartment was her, the 2 Melissas and the one non-Melissa (Ashley), now they have her, Melissa, and 2 ASHLEYS. And the new Ashley is an Anime fanatic and ALSO has 2 (*ahem* not actually allowed in the contract but here's hoping nobody narcs.... like my dad... grrrr...) CHINCHILLAS that I am excited to meet. I love Chinnies. Chinchilla people and Glider people sort of seem to go in the same social circles, you know? Anyway, yeah.

So I cried a little about the Fresno thing today but it was good to talk to Megs about stuff... that and other stuff (and about how I needed to not have it be a Cousin Jas thing because she knew all that stuff)...

and also to write to Gilch, too. Not the same thing, really, we talked about nerdy stuff instead. It was just ALSO good to hear from him. Sometimes you really need a guy friend. A REAL guy friend, not a former boyfriend who you WANT to be a more with but... can't. Just... a friend. Who is a boy. A Substitute BoyKid more than a substitute Fresno.


it all feels
like homesickness...

even though
I am at home.

Anyway, I have things to keep me busy (not as sick, so back to regular work, plus a bit of a small business scheme I am plotting now... always dealing with C.H.A.O.S. (not that that really makes me feel BETTER but it does keep me BUSY.. BLEH.)... my silly critters... etc. So I think I can start trying to pretend he never existed for awhile. Sigh.


  1. I love chinchillas! They're so cute! Especially their whiskers.

    I bet I'm allergic to them, though. Dang it.

  2. I'm so glad you got to see the extended O-clan. :) They are so fun! And Gilch is back, eh? He can be a good male shoulder to cry on. Everyone needs a gay friend...that isn't necessarily gay.