Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New on KFC's Menu... Guilt Trips for just $1 more

It is a random Tuesday. So you get random Tidbits. Here.

Tidbit #1. So, today I totally got scolded indirectly by the Colonel. It was pretty hilarious, really, in an embarrassing sort of way. But I learned my lesson... maybe. For a WHILE anyway.

Tidbit #2. This is totally just for CC. Okay, everyone can look, but I only expect her to either laugh her head off or throw something sharp at me for it. THAT'S A RISK I'M WILLING TO TAKE.

Tidbit #3. Sometimes I feel my job is just a very drawn out scavenger hunt. It's like Find a reliable online source for all of the following for under a buck each
1. Tadpoles
2. Caterpillars
3. Papyrus sheets (which, incidentally, is how I stumbled across Tidbit #2)

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  1. hee hee.. THANKS you butt!!

    The website is almost done though!!!