Thursday, August 16, 2007

lady of the evening...

Okay, so I'm not a hooker... or a vampire... though, when reading Eclipse.... Mmmmm....

ANYWAY...Scouts was long and tiring and my stupid cold made it longer and more tiring.

And by the time environmental science was over I was BEAT and very sick. So I didn't get out to DO things till just a couple hours ago and can I just say there are some CLAAAAAASSY folks at the all-night pharmacy at night?

My FAVORITE was a group of 3 friends all with free trial cards to pay for their 3 matching prescriptions of birth control. They were all about 20 at most. It was a total Social event! "Hey lets all go to the doctor together so we can have sex at the same time! Sweet!" But the cards weren't working and they were swearing up a storm. It was pretty hilarious.

However, not quite so hilarious is that I ended up spending $301.85 there on meds.

See, back before I got my job at I was trying desperately to get someone to give me insurance as I was going to no longer be covered by the Padres'. I wasn't diagnosed Diabetic yet, but was pretty sure I was going to be and didn't WANT to be until after I got insurance. I have enough preexisting conditions to scare off ANYONE, I didn't want to add anything new to the mix (little did I know Diabetes was just the tip of the iceberg. Grrrr...).

I ended up with the only one that would accept me, the very unhelpful Altius. It was looking pretty grim. HOWEVER, then I got the job at MyFamily. I started out basically hijacking service calls from AOL (HATE THEM) and trying to sell genealogy. It was horrible. BUT then, things changed. I got promoted to the be on a service team. It was good. I felt like we were actually HELPING people rather than pretending to help them in order to sell things to them. And, they also gave me a really REALLY good insurance plan. Like THE BEST. It was going good. Really good.

Not surprisingly, when a new CEO came and there were all those lay offs, our team, one of the only GOOD things left, was scrapped.

Ended up being a blessing, in a way, though. I hated losing that job but things with the new CEO were going downhill FAST any way and then I got very sick and and was going to have to quit soon. Had I done that, or been fired, I would have lost my benefits. Benefits that have lasted me a year, and helped me pay for such insanities as my gall bladder surgery, my sleep test for the apnea, ETCETERA.

However, nothing is that simple, is it? Suddenly somebody discovered each other. It's not like it was a secret. I LIST both. But SelectHealth found out they were not the first one I OWNED and said that ALTIUS has to be my Primary and they my secondary, not the other way around. We told them I didn't USE Altius, it was just a back up. They said we weren't allowed to PICK our primary. CRAP. So suddenely they stary deinying things retroactively... sending stuff to Altius, so that Altius can deny them and send them BACK to them! IT IS SO FRUSTRATING.

Like most of adulthood.

After another pharmacy battle I got in the car and cried, though as much for BEING the type od person who NEEDS that many meds to stay alive and stuff as for having to pay for them.

When's that resurrection thing happening anyway? Because I am getting a little antsy for an upgrade. SIGH.

However, there are other insurance matters to worry about as well... I mean, think about it. At least they won't steal my 300 dollar medication for fuel.

p.s. that happens to be a favorite of my bro and I. OH GOOD GORDON BUT I MISS HIM! He is, with out a doubt, one of the funniest little brothers ever. And I loved his last letter about the FHE... FLIRTING Home Evening. It's good to know boys are still idiots in the church, even in Italy, huh?

Oh hey fam! Greetings from Cuneo. Sorry that the letter is a little late. Yesterday was 15 Agosto. In otherwords, the only day of the year when even the Internet points are closed. The city and Italy was basically dead so it was our twice a year deep cleaning day. We had a huge ward activity in the mountains and after we came back and spent the night cleaning. So today, our nice friendly library internet is closed and the only place that is open is a little shadey. So I am basically keeping my eyes focused on the keyboard to protect my innocent little brain. yikes!

So, this week...I did some stuff. It was a little different. A lot of our investigators are going on vacation the Streets! We have been teaching a lot on the street lately trying to find new investigators. We have taught a lot of lessons but its been a hard week getting phone numbers. These weeks have been interesting. Anziano Gibson has a lot of theories. Most of them I dont agree with, but I am learing something. With Anziano Shanchy we were getting a little number happy. We were forgetting that behind each lesson we taught their was a person that needed to feel the love of God. Anziano Gibson is SO anti numbers, he thinks that they are just used to impress the Zone Leaders. I disagree but I have focused more on helping the person...not just trying to teach them a street lesson. I think it has helped.

Some of the highlights this week. The funniest FHE ever! We were invited to the Young Single Adults FHE on Friday. It was a fun night with kids our age, but it was pretty obvious that we werent one of them. Watching them hangout and flirt was kind of funny, and it made me grateful that I dont have to worry about those things right now. One member Mirko, is very nice but so over the top. He is also in love with one of our new converts, Elisa. I almost died as he gave the spiritual thought. He dimmed the light and gave a talk on Love. His first words were "love does not just mean a man and a woman" (looking at Elisa) it is more. He then had us (we were dying) hand out and light candles in the darkened room. While he turned on the Love song from "A walk to remember". After lighting all the candles he pointed out that "when we have love it can lighten a darkened room," while Mandy Moore Sang "to be only yours I pray" It was....touching. Who said missions arent really funny. It was a good evening that we got to introduce the church to a friend of Elisa, and Niomi. He is interested in hearing more!

Whoof, I am out of I do this quick.

Monday night we all took the train to Torino for a sleep over with the Zone Leaders! We had Zone conference the next morning so it was a fun chance to learn from others. I loved teaching and just talking with Anziano Valente and Aylett. They are good leaders, (Anziano Gibson thinks they are number driven) and I hope to learn as much as I can from them.

Tuesday, was Zone conference, and it was good. It was about planning and I needed the lesson. We got some great tips that will help me be more organized and use my time a lot better. I also got to teach on the train with Anziano Valente. It was fun, and we spoke to a man from the Phillipines, so he spoke English. It was funny how hard it was for me to teach in my own language! I kept trying to say things in italian.

Wed We had a huge ward activity in the Mountains that was a lot of fun. There was a big river, and everyone (but the missionaries) went cliff jumping. I didnt get wet but I got a lot of pictures.

Ok, I best be going, in the words of my mother I love your stinkin guts!
(= io Amo le vostre poncio che putzono!)

p.p.s even though he still can't spell, a word about my bro's grammar. The keyboards at those places don't have apostrophes. So he is excused those.


  1. I'm STILL waiting for my copy of Eclipse to come. :-(

  2. Oh you are KIDDING! Where did you order it from?! I got it the day it came after it came out!

    My mom is next up but if it doesn't come before SHE's done, let me know and you can borrow mine.