Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Vinyl-ee Bought it!

Today after a very hard day at work and then a hard work out at the pool I went to the library. Well, at the library I found a fun sounding record, so I had to go buy a record player.

Okay, so that sounds a little more impulsive than it really was. I have had my eye on this ever since I asked for it... and Rinny got it for Christmas. Then I asked for one for my birthday, and was given another boom box. So I decided I needed to buy it today.

I was in definite need of some retail therapy.

Today was the start of another hard all week day camp, e-Missions: Moon, Mars, and Beyond. This one. It IS fun but stressful. Besides, today some parent dropped off their child before we could find out how old he was... and that this Dad had thought this 3-5th GRADE class was 3-5 YEAR olds. So we had a 4 year old! It was pretty hilarious but pathetic.

Some people need to learn to read closer. SIGH.

Anyway, it was hard and I have been very sad today. So I bought that. And some fancy-like diet soda in a glass bottle. And sushi. And now I intend to go set it up. So GOOD NIGHT.


  1. SWEET!! I love record players. Yours looks double cool since it has a cd player too! Hope the last half of the week goes more smoothly that the first half!!

  2. I love the retronessism!!! How does Rinny get one when YOU wanted it? Holy weird. Anyway... yeah.. smile! Love you!

  3. I am not sure. Santa Hates me? I THINK what happened was they got me the gift and then dad Vetoed it and gave it to his OTHER daughter who "entertains more." Because he said that once in discussing it.

    Yeah, it was SPECIAL. But I am over it, because well, I have one now. HA.

  4. i'm jealous! of the record player... not the whole umm... sucky stuff.