Thursday, August 2, 2007

rotten tomatoes

It's just... SUCKY.

My mom sent me this article which is probably really good. (I've only skimmed) But the thing is I am not really sad about "BEING SINGLE." I don't care that much about being single in the church or anywhere else, really. I don't miss having a boyfriend. (Heaven knows I was never very good at it) I Miss HIM. That's all.

Everything in the WORLD seems to relate to him. Either it reminds me of him or it's something I would go home and call him and tell him. And so I can not stop crying.

Even at work. It is a good thing it wasn't a long day. Even kids saw me cry. I said I hurt my head. It was partially true.

The Roomie's upstairs on a date. I think it's going well. They are laughing.


  1. I only mind being single when I read the articles about how we're suppose to get married - then I get PISSED instead. hee hee

    I'm sorry it's not going well... you can still be friends though, right? I hope? I don't know what he said.

  2. He didn't say we *couldn't*... but no, I don't think so. It sounded final and feels too painful.