Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Any Similarities to Rainbow Brite is Purely Coincidental

Anybody want some Smarties? Because what is up with the Trick-or-Treaters?! Is it too cold? Are kid's bigger wusses this year? Or is it because we are the ONLY house with so much as a PUMPKIN out in our complex even though we are right by a park and a school?! SIGH. So sad. I have SO MUCH CANDY HERE! We had like 15 kids ALL NIGHT and I was so excited for ANY Halloweentivity. SIGH.

Today I went to the nuerologist and got 3 injections at the base of my skull that felt like FIRE. They did help ( though not get RID of) the headache... but only for awhile. So I was really feeling in the need for some Halloweeny fun even though I had to lay down most of tonight. So I hurried home after the doctor, dressed up, and awaited Trick-or-Treaters. SIGH. At least my house was cute... and *I* was a cute-ish witch. Okay, not THAT cute. I still am shaped like me. And Okay, so someone thought I was trying to be Rainbow Brite in a witch hat. That was not intentional. But it may have been subliminal, I mean, being a child of the 80's and all.

I just wasn't thinking when I decided to randomly put on make up! Only I didn't really HAVE anything but some black eyeliner that I never wear and some lipstick that I never wear. And apparently the only thing my needled brain thought to do with that was sort of an ugly shooting star. In black. And red. Like a Goth Rainbow Brite. SIGH. But in the picture I am trying to show the OTHER side!

Anyway, that was Halloween. OH and I forgot to show you, my PUMPKIN! So here THAT is, Anyway, it has been a pretty long day with the injections and very very LONGNESS of the appointment and the fact that now that the temporary nerve blocker has worn off I am just as bad or worse and I feel like crap and missed going to either of 2 awesome parties I was invited to because of feeling like crap. Fresno was maybe going to be online after playing in Disneyland tonight and we were going to try to chat, but it doesn't look like he was able to weasel away the computer from his roomies. Bummer. And so yeah. I am here. And eating soup. And sad. But I could be much be worse...

So that should be counted as a victory! And things will inch along getting better... tomorrow I will be back at physical therapy again... and taking regular pills... SIGH. Eventually maybe my dumb head will be normal.


I got a whole lot of Smarties left over if any one wants some. Can I go home? To, like, 15 years ago maybe?

OH, and for those of you know more of the medical stuff, I DO have better news. I also got other tests back. I have NO clots. The milky lesions on my brain are caused BY my headaches and diabetes NOT the other way around. Also, I DO have Sleep Apnea but it is Mild! That means for NOW I don't have to have a breathing machine! YAY! And it may improve as I lose weight! So that would be good.


  1. Your purple hair looks GAWGEOUS and I think the makeup looks good, too. Oh, and I'll take some Smarties.

  2. awww... you look so cute! I like it muchly... hee hee...

  3. yay! some good medical news. woohoo!

    and you do look cute with purple hair. Maybe you should celebrate your *goodish* medical news by permanently dyeing it that color. Hm. Or maybe I'LL do it before Thanksgiving with the in-laws. mwahahaah.

  4. I totally dig that wig. It made me think about changing my dye plans... once my head is better I am celebrating by going "Cherry Cola with Copper Highlights" again and stuff, but after the wig I thought OOOOOR "Grape Nehi with... ummm... Lavendar highlights?"

    But I will still probably go red.

  5. I think you should go platinum blond with lavendar highlights....

    or maybe I'll do that - I REALLY want to go blond and raspberry.... I wonder what the anti-boy would say...

  6. Hurray for sporadic hair dying. Once free of the BYU, I'm going PINK! Totally bubblegum Tonks like PINK! WOO! And dude, purple hair is da bomb diggity!

    Anyway, hurray for small solutions to many of life's woes! I'm glad there was a momentary reprieve.

    Mmm...smarties make you smart...