Thursday, October 19, 2006

Testing Testing 1 2 3... In the Life of a Guinea Pig

"Myself, I am against the use of products that involve testing on Kiplucks..."

So, yesterday afternoon, well, I thought it was just an echocardiogram. Like an ultrasound of my heart. And they DID do that. But they also did a thing of my
neck. and my HEAD. The head one was the worst though, because for one it was unexpected. Apparently, it was to see if something went into my brain because of a hole in my heart? It made little sense to me, but what happened was this. I had to lay down and wear a creepy helmet thing that not only squeezed my brain like a tube of toothpaste but also held cold slimy cold stuff to my temples and in my hair. The helmet thing looked (and I imagined felt) like the thing Wesley wore in the Pit of Despair.Then they put in an IV(my worst thing) (but, to nurse lady's credit she actually found the vein the FIRST try!) and waited. After it all I was covered in so much yucky goop... I felt like... okay if you DON'T get this reference DON'T TRY and if you DO then DON'T JUDGE ME!!! But it reminded me of Something About Mary. *shudder* All gross in my hair. Anyway not fun.

They won't know anything for at least 5 working days from those tests, but I don't expect much from it.

After that, I went to the pool, hung out with Mom, and tried not to let my hea
dache or medication make me sleep because the sleep center was going to try to make me sleep at 9:30 and I wanted a CHANCE of that happening, you know?

The Sleep Center was pretty miserable because while the first tech was very nice (and talked about sugar gliders and rats as pets while he wired me up like a Christmas tree) he was told he was training and the chick didn't show up... till an hour later. And SHE was not only annoying but didn't believe she needed to be trained and came in and decided to change what he had done, while talking annoyingly and scraping my skin AGAIN painfully. It HURT! And THEN it didn't work! So the RatGuy did it again and it worked again on the computer... till she came in and un-did it... and this happened over and over... and they both told me about how inadequate the other way, whereas RatGuy was right, but both put ME in the MIDDLE and in pain. GRRRRRR.... Yeah, not a grand night. I am really glad to be home.

But back here at home, well, I still have a headache with no results yet, a crush wit
h limited net access and lone gerbil, Boo(Bonic) in the Livingroom so that at least she will be in the middle of the action of the house. Gerbils are not as happy alone.

She and Latte were sisters... litter-mates. She has never slept alone or not had someone to roughhouse with (the girls played like kittens, chasing and rolling around). She is healthy. But older than I realize, I suppose... she is not young. 3 years is the average lifespan. She is healthy... but she is distressed and I worry about her being sad. But I also do not plan on trying to get her a new friend... not at this age, and not trying to introduce them... rather, I am actually wondering if I can give her enough attention and activity to keep her happy alone of if I need to find her a home. I just don't know who.

Anyway, it's been quite the week. I am tired. Not sleepy. Just tired of my life... again.

You know, it seems my health right now is even going to screw up Halloween. My second favorite holiday, wasted on headaches and frustration. And THAT is just NOT FAIR.

AND... Because Jaime had a good idea...
Thursday's Thirteen....
13 Places I've Worked
1. Alpine School District, Substitute Teacher
2. Mayberry Property Management, Inc., Secretary.
3. Milestone Daycare/Preschool, Preschool Teacher
4. Sento Corp., support
5., My Family website support and Genealogical support with
6. Teleperformace-USA the longest 2 weeks of my life
7. Sprint - for about a week
8. Babysitting
9. Nannied for this Psycho lady who did the new Amway and bounced my checks when she went under and did not tell me.
10. Orem Public Library - Internet check-in desk volunteer
11. Texas Houston East Missionary!
12. Ummm... I get $5 for surveys?
13. currently, professional... ummm... stay-at-home-sick-er


  1. Gah I HATE being in the middle of arguments, and a health related argument is even worse! I'm reminded of a dark time...

    I hope hope hope hope hope that those tests actually give them some idea of what to do. It bothers me so much that you are so sick and that no one seems to know what's going on.

    Good luck with da boy and with Boo. I'm sorry about Latte. And thanks for the language lessons. ;)

  2. Argh.... are you feeling totally sick of being touched yet?!

    When I was on bedrest at the end of my pregnancy, I got SO irritable because I had my blood drawn daily, had *constant* tests, etc. etc. By the time they decided to induce me (even though it was so early), I was like, "Please! Do it so I can get out of this AWFUL place!!"

    Sorry to hear those tests are so rediculously invasive. That really stinks.

  3. Okay. you have a hole in your heart? wild. anyway.

    coming from a fellow heart patient: I don't know if this is the same thing they are testing for on you, because I've never had them do any head tests on me. So don't freak out. (LOL@Something About Mary -- was just thinking of that the other day, in fact). One of the things they worry about with me is SBE -- subacute bacterial endocarditis, which can, indeed, travel from your heart to your brain and is a very serious condition. No, I don't have a hole in my heart, but the blood flow still isn't normal (albeit, better after they cut the DEMON out of it), so ... bacteria and vegetations can grow where it's flowing incorrectly and travel through the blood to the brain. My sister's brother-in-law had this happen and was hospitalized for WEEKS afterward, but I'm not sure if they did the same head tests you describe in your report. To prevent SBE in developing in me, they give me antibiotics (called SBE prophylaxis) before anything remotely invasive -- especially including dental cleanings and any dental work, and when they placed the evil IUD.

    so, if any of that sounds familiar, you have an explanation of sorts. if not, sorry, don't know why. oh ... and ... where's the hole?

  4. Oh no, to clarify, that is what they were checking FOR is a hole in my heart! I don't THINK I have one! But who knows? Yeah, they were checking for one with the test... but actually I have to take antibiotic before dentists and stuff, too, just in case because I was on PhenFen.

    They just test, like, EVERYTHING right now.