Thursday, October 12, 2006

But Ohana means nobody gets left behind or forgotten!!!!

Not sure which of the multitude of pills (even time) it is but SOMETHING has given me a touch of relief today. Not complete relief, I still HAVE the headache, but for awhile today it was ALMOST gone and that combined with pretty weather made me feel good for a bit. So maybe, just maybe something is working or I'm on the mend? I wish I knew what or when or if... but today it had to be enough to know that for an hour or two the pain was not as bad as as it has been. Even just THAT... well, it was the best I have felt in about 3 weeks. Small miracles, eh?

So, that is my happy (albeit short-lived) triumph of the day!

Other than that, I am pretty tired. Not sleepy tired at night, of course, because that would be far too normal (crappy insomnia) but just... worn out. My body just doesn't want to fight whatever this headache thing is anymore. It is way too much. And frankly my brain can't handle the stress one more iota. There are other stresses to anticipate. I have pushed job and school to the back burner. I have HAD to. I am learning to be okay with that for now.

But even fun has stress associated with it. This Christmas we are going as a family to HAWAII!!! Obviously, I am excited! I miss Hawaii. I miss the little stuff more than anything. Shave Ice with ice cream in the bottom and the puffy grass the grows all wonky. Silly stuff. I even sort of miss my dorm, not that we'll stay there as a fam (ha!).

But here's the thing, this means a WEEK without my babies. I have never EVER done that on purpose. Only when I was in the hospital. And then I had a Glider experienced roomie to tend them, but this time I won't! I need to find some one who I can trust with my heart! I am so nervous. Who can I trust? Trust with my babies?!


  1. 1,2,3.... not it!

    just because... I'm usually gone all day anyway and they smell bad, even if they are somewhat cute....

    plus house rules. hee hee.

  2. Don't worry chica, you were not even in the running... because this is going to be an almost full time job.... in my house... over Christmas.

    I am SO screwed.

  3. Why can't Sarah help in that department?

  4. use SHE will be home with her family for Christmas break break as well!