Monday, October 23, 2006

pre-sunrise posts don't deserve proper capitilization

it is 6 am and i am so bored. i haven't been able to fall asleep yet. then i gave up for awhile because, well, mostly because i was bored. so i dug out halloween decorations that i could not put up because while i may be at my most energetic at 3 am, most of my complex, including my patient roommate, are not. so i tried to sleep again. and now i am online because i am bored. it is technically late enough i suppose i could "start my day" but actually feel mighty crappy for one thing (and getting up would only make that worse right now) and number 2) what is the point of starting my day lately? gotta hurry and get started being available for doctor's? get up and decide what to eat? what?

i have no job. i have nothing real to accomplish. oh, i have plenty i need to accomplish... cleaning, putting up that plastic skeleton, etc... real pressing needs... all of which will seem pathetically simple until i actually do them and end up crying and laying down with an ice pack on my head.

things are just feeling a wee bit pointless.

it is one of those things where it just builds. i am a picky eater anyway. my pills make food seem disgusting. so eating is annoying. when i am awake i am not only more aware of pain but i get hungry. so i have to think of things to eat that won't make me sick.

in short, being awake sucks.

however, i have found a multitude of funny sites lately. i will have to share... later... if you're nice and i have left overs. oh wait.

they are websites. not muffins. enjoy:

yep. that's the address.

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