Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Utah Weather... HONESTLY!!! AAARGH! It was so pretty yesterday. Right now it is snowing. Not snow FLAKES, it seems the sky is throwing snow balls at us! And dang cold. Our living room smells weird... (petunias are not really the sort of flowers you SMELL) my roomie brought in all of the garden she could. SIGH. I hate hot summers... but I am not quite ready for SNOW! Geez!

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Anyway, yeah. I am cold and my head *shockingly* hurts like crazy.

I got a very nice note from someone (I don't know WHO) encouraging me today on my steps. Thank you, to whomever you are.


  1. STUPID SNOW! Zach wants it to blizzard. Tim and I want to punch Zach.

  2. I love it, but you're right... it's just TOO early!

    It makes me wonder if it's going to be one of those killer winters with four feet outside the door. Remember Christmas of 2003? With the rediculous power outages and stuff?


  3. I was rather depressed when my sister came into my room last night and said simply "have you seen the snow on the ground?" Guh. I hates the snow and its cold wetness. If it was warm and dry, I think I'd be more inclined. cotton. Guess then it would be harder to get rid of though. *sigh*