Wednesday, October 11, 2006

You Blog like a GIIIIRL!

My head is still out to get me, but the doctors are now on a "waiting game" plan. Sigh. Whatever. However, If I can keep my brain elsewhere occasionally I can survive.

I got to talk to my Megan by phone today which was fun. I miss Megan. Compared to my problems, Megs is so very strong. That is to say, I worry more about her... with her problems... but if I had hers... I'd be gone so long ago. She is so much stronger than me.

You know, blogs are unique. On the one hand they are a place to be public. Your friends can leave feed back on your writing. They are a place to be anonymous. You can vent and write in a cathartic way and random people can respond from the neutral outside.
But even still, High School infiltrates the adult world.

You like some one... as a friend. They like you... as more. You don't want them to feel bad. You suspect they read the blog. But you don't KNOW. But you also like this other person... possibly more than a friend.... you still aren't sure. Not sure if they read the blog... maybe be fun if they do. Not really the point. More so the point is you have been feeling pretty crappy and feel like writing something a little more happy (though silly)... but don't want that first person to feel sad at ALL.

How do you giggle and gush... discreetly?

So, that is my "issue" right now. Sometimes Kipluck's a Girl. ;O) Go figure. Hee hee hee!

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