Thursday, November 1, 2007

home again home again jiggedy jig!

I am back and not so out of it now so I thought I would blog a little. And watch The Office. And drink something that DOESN'T hurt my bruised throat OR ulcered stomach to eat. I haven't eaten anything because they told me yesterday:
"Do not eat or drink anything by mouth after midnight."
How ELSE would I eat it? By nose? By butt? HONESTLY.

Anyway, as usual they took forever FINDING a vein for my IV. I think they oughta just install a spigot in my arm or something that can be turned on and off at will. Like tapping a keg. Because NOBODY can get me the first try. The nice ones try once, then go get someone else to try. The mean ones have pride issues. They poke, then poke again, then fish around in my arm with the needle, then poke elsewhere and fish, and then get someone else to do the same thing. These ones weren't 2 bad. One poked, but just once... then got another lady who poked just twice, and then fished, but at least got it.

Because I am me I was there an hour longer than I should have been because anesthesia makes me too low on oxygen. I kept apnea-ing BUT yes! Hooray! They did NOT make me stay over night!


  1. No food by mouth? Can I just tell you this has sparked an office discussion beyond any conversations we've had before. AWESOME! Hope you're feeling much MUCH better.

  2. LOL@shabang. I can think of things people do with food that have nothing to do with eating them, but sheesh.

    Glad it went well chica! :)

  3. Aaron would have done the food by nose. He has a fascination with putting things in his nose on a dare..or even not a dare. He's gross like that.

    (I have your blog URL on my downstairs computer but not my upstairs one. OI! I'll try and remedy that.)

  4. haven't you ever snorted Sprite?? It's exciting...