Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Yup. Part 3. CRAP FEST.

Another day, another CAT scan (showing nothing) and blood test (showing my white cells going UP... not getting better). Sent me home again, on antibiotics and told to come back AGAIN for ANOTHER blood test.

Because basically they are telling me I MIGHT still have appendicitis... they just don't SEE it.
Or the ovary thing... and they will do an ultrasound next.
Or it might be something completely unrelated.

I am tired and I just HURT. I am so tired of this. Seriously, I know I am starting to sound whiney but... Jobette.

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  1. you would think that the fact that it could possibly be your appendix would be enough to just do the surgery. you know just in case it is your appendix... before it explodes and stuff.