Thursday, November 22, 2007

Things I Am Grateful For...

50 Thanks for this special Thursday!

1. My Mom

2. cold packs

3. bathtubs deep enough to cover your whole self and a tall cup of ice water to drink

4. uncooked tortillas

5. Father's priesthood blessings

6. swimming

7. Heroes... yes, the TV show

8. Fat-Free Brownies

9. warm, fluffy bathrobes

10. meds that WORK

11. working for my sister so I'm not fired yet

12. SoftLips

13. Supportive friends, online and RL, too

14. Gaia

15. Insurance when it actually covers something

16. Cousins!

17. Cynthia getting to twirl her baton in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

18. VCRs so I don't actually have to wake up and WATCH the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on the off chance we can see Leslie when the American Fork band goes by twirling her flag

19. heating pads

20. nice nurses who are REALLY good at finding veins

21. Paul the Apostle

22. Non-LDS friends who stand up for the LDS church when they hear lies about it

23. Hilarious letters from BoyKid

24. cute boys that are marginally distracting

25. our cherry tomatoes still popping out red all over despite the rather frigid weather

26. FINISHED laundry

27. good, comfortable chairs

28. Bishops and counselors who listen

29. hot, comforting, egg-drop soup with cabbage

30. pumpkin seeds

31. sugar gliders that forgive me even when I don't play as often as I should, and still let me cuddle their soft fur

32. Shasta that welcomes me home, waging and barking

33. Perry Mason, when I can still find it

34. pumpkin, the wonder food for ALL living things!

35. Bratanik, the Tortoise, getting healthier and more adjusted to his new situation

36. good sugar-free gum

37. General Conference talks

38. pancakes

39. cell phones that carry a charge longer than a day

40. my Wonder Woman journal

41. safe little heaters in my house

42. non-idiot doctors

43. parties with LinkUp friends

44. fascinating photography and art

45. Missions and missionaries who know why they are REALLY out there

46.Hope, when it's there.

47. the END of day light savings time

48. the Russian Tortoise group on Yahoo

49. good dreams

50. You.

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the idea.

    7.I LOVE HEROES... not so much the part of always being left with a cliff hanger. But I'm a huge fan of Peter (oh Jess!) and Wes---They're so cute!!

    14. Gaia? What is that? as in the paintings?