Sunday, November 11, 2007

my topical guide is hurting?

all during the night I kept thinking( since my stomach was making me CRY) "where IS the appendix anyway?" And all I could think was "usually the back of the book."

Seriously, I don't THINK it's appendicitis, it's just one of the few things I've got LEFT that HASN'T been taken out of medicated. I am so tired of this. I am tired of hurting all the time. The head all the time is one thing... but I can't have my stomach eating me alive too, or else I can't take anything that HELPS the head.

2 funny random things happened this week. One was I saw a lady try to walk through a NON-automatic door as if it WERE automatic. And run RIGHT into it. It was SO hard not to laugh right out loud.

The other is I found a poodle in my yard yesterday. I hoped it's owner would come claim it, so I left it out there till today when it started to get rainy and cold. So I put up a sign at the mailboxes. Here it is:

That last part is because we have weirdos in our neighborhood and I don't want to encourage kids to go to strange houses with out telling parents. I know, this should make it clear *I* am a weirdo and live in the neighborhood but I mean CREEPY Weirdos. I am a NICE Weirdo.


  1. oh how nice and so sweet! I hope someone drops a stuffed animal in my yard, so I can steal your idea! i probably would not have thought to do something so nice, like this!

  2. hehe ... kip, you are awesome. :)