Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vampires, Mummies, Witches, but worst of all... DOCTORS!!!!

At least ONE doctor I have is a competent physician, Dr. Hasacrazywife. And he got my EDG stuff moved up. So I go to the hospital TOMORROW. I am really scared.

My mom had surgery today on her knee. I have been scared because SHE is not really scared, usually, about HERSELF. She worries to death over her kids, but not herself. But last night she confessed to me she felt like she might die during the surgery, and was (as usual) worried about us kids if she did. The surgery is not a big one, but my mom has heart things... a murmur and such, and apnea, basically going under for her is a VERY DANGEROUS THING. So she was not unwarranted in her worrying.

I asked her to ask Padre for a Priesthood blessing. But I was still pretty scared. Anyway, she's doing okay. My dad called and she is up and talking and they repaired the pretty significant tearing in her knee and she should even heal quickly. Keep her in your prayers. I *heart* my mama!

That's about all the SCARINESS needed for Halloween. As for the fun part, well, this year it is pretty non-existent. I did try to have fun LAST night. Rinny is in Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Hale and so Mali came with me. But I was hurting like crazy the whole time, and then it got even worse, and I had to leave at intermission to take some heavier meds. I did come back, but felt yucky, still.

So today I have not really felt good enough to do much of anything.

BUT I have been wearing my costume ALL DAY. Yes, all day. In my HOUSE I have been dressed like a witch. A SPRINGY Witch, to be specific. And my self pics are abysmal. But whatever. I'll post them here, umm, later? HAPPY(ish) HALLOWEEN, DANG IT!!!

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  1. Ack, that is scary. Prayers for kip and her mommy!!!