Tuesday, November 27, 2007


*I was out for the whole Colonoscopy even though I was afraid I might not be because the dumb pamphlet said "if you feel any discomfort during the procedure tell your doctor." (And by the way, even those COMMERCIALS for that dumb new movie, Awake, are lie my worst nightmare lately with all my hospital visits)
*The nurse got my IV needle in on the first try
*I found a very funny pamphlet on Constipation in the waiting room that I drew inappropriate pictures and wrote private jokes to send to BoyKid as a letter.
*My very awesome roomie had already taken care of all my pets when I went home tonight.
*I got to hold the most pitiful (but BEAUTIFUL) and starving-to-death because of some digestive illness Weimaraner puppy when I got there, too! Her name is Tootsie and she is... GORGEOUS. The Roomie only has her a couple nights though before taking her to her new home. The poor thing will need a lot of vet visits to keep her alive... like Suzy.... but, well, "it's what we do." Holding her was heaven.
*The colonoscopy showed nothing wrong with me.

*my hand is very bruised from the IV
*The day before, PREPPING for the colonoscopy was HORRIBLE. It makes you feel SO sick and you are in the bathroom for HOURS getting "cleaned out."
*They put a camera up my butt!!!
*This is an associate of Dr. ScrewIt. Yeah.
*I am still in just as much pain as ever, but...
*The colonoscopy showed nothing wrong with me.

seriously. what the hell is wrong with me?


  1. maybe it's gas.

    your title makes me want to yell "fruuuuuuuit!" in a low constipated voice!

    I love you!

  2. LOL@steph.

    I'm sorry? they didn't find anything wrong. But that's also good ... so ... gah. Sometimes I think our bodies have minds of their own and play jokes on our brains ...

  3. My sisters and I are all supposed to go in and have camera's shoved up there after one of my sisters had it done and they found something. Since we are pregnant right now we don't have to but ya... I'm not looking forward to it.

    It's so weird to be happy nothing was found wrong and yet ticked at the same time because you just wanna know WHAT IS GOING ON!