Sunday, November 18, 2007

no appendicitis, no better

don't want to write and too much morphine (well, enough to make me stupid, not enough to make me not hurt) to do it correctly anyway, but an update.
more cat scans in the ER and an ultrasound
I don't have appendicitis.
I don't have visible cysts.
I just have pain nobdy can fix.
so they sent me home shaking thier heads, the ER doc was really nice but worried. I am at the parent's now. I miss my gliders.

everything smells like playdoh?

More specialists tomorrow, but they probably won't find anything. I am cultivating my own ailments for the worserment of mankind. I am germ warfare. I am ready to lose.


  1. How random, but I *too* am having severe abdominal pain. I went to urgent care yesterday and they said it might be my gall bladder. I'm supposed to go have an abdominal ultrasound tomorrow.

  2. Hugs kipper. Love you. Sorry you're still feeling so lousy.

  3. I sympathize. There must be something in the water. Sucks. Good health vibes coming your way!