Monday, November 12, 2007

Topical Guide Part 2... and starting on Part 3...

Okay, so I wasn't JUST talking about appendicitis because it was a part I had left. Fact is the place hurting the worst happens to BE in the lower right part of my gut... and... yeah. Likely.

So on Sunday night my mom convinced me I needed to check and so I had to go to the UrgentCare. Well, the doc agreed it SEEMED like appendix, took blood and said my white count was a little high... the amount it WOULD be. And so sent me over to the hospital for a CAT Scan... but that seemed normal. However, he said even without the CAT Scan I needed it COULD still be appendicitis. He said if the same place was hurting in 24 hours, to come back and see if the white blood cells were still up.

They were, but not *ENOUGH* so AGAIN... I have to go back for ANOTHER, for blood test. Vials and vials everyday. I hate this. Every 24 hours. If things aren't better they may just DO surgery on NOTHING... but that AREA, it doesn't just have to be an appendix. It could be an ovary thing or a a lymph node on my intestines... anything in that location that might be causing me such pain. WHAT. IS. WRONG. WITH. ME?

Still don't KNOW mind you, and I am still hurting, and will be getting more of those dumb tests, most likely tomorrow.


  1. holy crap, woman! my friend went in a few months ago for pain in the same place. turns out it was abrasions on her organs from a previous surgery. that, unfortunately, can't be fixed.

    i hope they can make you stop hurting. at least for a little while.

  2. I had appendicitis once, with a horrible fever and the works. I remember being a teenager and laying on the hospital floor while waiting for them to take my blood because I was in so much pain.

    My moronic doctor didn't operate. My mom still swears it's because it was a friday night. Lucky for him it didn't rupture!