Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Crabs. Dogs. Gliders that Crab... and Bark!

It's a very good thing I have my pets to keep me sane... or at least insane in the GOOD ways.

Last night everybody was cracking me up. I was changing the substrate for the crabs. I recently got some more of them and some of them are a LOT more friendly than my others and were just motoring around the living room at top speed... until one of the dogs would approach them and then disappear into their shell. None of them (Well, except Princess Lucy who I kept separate because she is a BRAT!) are the LEAST bit aggressive, so we never had to worry about the dogs getting PINCHED.... when the dogs sniffed the crabs would just go in their shells. Trinket, usually the little hunter, decided the best plan of action was to ignore these troubling things completely. But Shasta always tries to makes FRIENDS with ALL moving things (she loves Boo, the gerbil, who actually likes her BACK. Because our house is crazy). So every time the crab would move she would wag her tail and go to greet and sniff it, then look SO CONFUSED, and cock her head and look at us like "Whoa! My new friend turned into a rock!" and walk away. She did it EVERY TIME! It was HILARIOUS! Sometimes she would get REALLY frustrated and whine, but she never even scratched the crab, just walked away, sad, until it walked again. She went to The Roomie's room and pulled her out, crying and POINTED at the problem, then wagging at the crabs, then scaring them, then whining again.

The gliders were cold so they bark till I come in and hold them and therefore felt it extra necessary to hang out in my bra, crabbing. As in... you know... making that sound they do. It's called "crabbing." It usually doesn't sound weird to me except I have been blabbing about CRABS. Anyway, yeah, my gliders. They make me giggle. They always do. Love love love them.

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