Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Missin' Missi'n[aries]

I talked to Parker for over an hour! It made me very very happy! Then he hung up and I bawled for over an hour.

I miss having platonic (and, NON-platonic for that matter) guy friends SO MUCH it made my [locked]heart ache. And I so miss my baby brother.

OH AND!!! Parker's little sister just got called on a mission... TO OUR MISSION!!! So we are going to tell her a million places to go and people to see for us. We will make her, like, honorary Fringe. Oh I miss Parker. I miss Coats! I miss Lil' Jeppers.

I miss BoyKid.

He will be out a whole year, March 7th. Wow. Today is transfers... AND we got no letter... is he still in Parma? We don't know. Hope we hear soon.

I need to go to bed. I didn't sleep last night till, like, well 6 this (weds) morning. UGH. Peace.


  1. WOW! I can't believe he's been gone a whole year!!! Almost hump day! YEEEHAW!!!!

  2. Ditto to Stewbert!

    A year flies by quick!

    I'm still so stoked that he's in Italia!

  3. I wish my brother would go on a mission so I could miss him... not that I don't miss him already... but you know what I mean, lol!