Saturday, February 16, 2008

beautiful tidbit of the day

When you catch a cold and you are mostly in bed and/or in a chair 24 hours a day, yeah, it pretty much turns into pneumonia.

Seriously, could this month


  1. You're kidding! That's awful. I've had pneumonia. I am so so so sincerely sorry. :(

  2. Dang dude...this sucks!! I thought that when you catch a cold you want to be in a chair or bed. Apparently you're suppose to run a marathon or something to avoid pneumonia.


    Hope you get feelin' better--ASAP!

  3. Oh no, BethAnn! Pneumonia is the devil in disease form.

    When Mike had it, I made juice cocktails with grape juice, orange juice, and water mixed together. They were pretty much the only thing he could keep down.

    (Well, after he'd taken a suppository. Seriously. Pneumonia bites!)

    Hope you get better soon, dearie.

  4. Oh, pneumonia is bad ... I had it about 5 years ago or so ... Hugs Kip. Get better!!!

  5. I am sorry for being so out of the loop. I ran into your dad today at the post office and he gave me the run down and told me a funny story about BoyKid.

    I really hope you get feeling better soon. I am praying for you.