Sunday, February 24, 2008

Not feeling Fabulous... but at least I got Scrabulous

My ears are killing me, but I'm on an antibiotic for the finally improving chest stuff, so that's all I can do. Hopefully it helps that too because I am still miserable.

I can walk now, and do a few stairs at a time. Hopefully, soon, I can go home.

For now, I am still here. I am sad and bored and often lonely... but I am listening to books on tape (Currently The Indwelling (yes, I know...)) and playing Scrabulous of Facebook to keep occupied. I so love games like that. Word Pop. Boggle. Word Bump. Scrabble.

Good distractions. Perhaps not so good or so distracting as a a relationship, but it seems silly to even want a boy at this point with my health as it is. Now, as sucky as it is, needs to be a time for me. My personal "rehab." SIGH. A time to go to many doctors, try different prescriptions, exercise a lot, change unhealthy behaviors (which are many), become who I should be spiritually... time to heal or die trying.

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