Monday, February 11, 2008

progress... well, a little...

I am far from 100% okay. However, I did put some weight on my dumb left foot (yay!) with out crying so that's a start and the doctor wants me to go to Physical therapy for it on Wednesday. (I have some nerve damage.) I also have THERAPY therapy with Dr. Apparently that day and, yeah, I've been having a hard time but my little furry therapists help, too. They truly are the BEST little gliders EVER, though they are not too impressed with this scary unfamiliar house! But they are handling things pretty well even though they are crabbing at every unknown sound and smell. Silly babies!

Random Tangent: Sometimes I forget other people read my blog. I mean, like, other than Steph... Stewie... maybe Ehu... a few people from LinkUp. But then, like, Dave from work says "I love what you said in your blog!" which tends to sort of floor me mentally for a minute O_o and making me review "What did I even SAY? Anything WEIRD? Because he's like, cool and a professional."or "rebecca" comments on that last post and I remember, "WHAT? Strangers don't just RANDOMLY read me but follow along? And say nice things?" WEIRD! Umm... Hi random readers. Uhh... hi, Rebecca?

More later...


  1. Hi back... hope that didn't freak you out! I have read your and CC's blogs for awhile now and I check in on you every now and then. :)

    I totally promise that I am not creepy. Just a 36 yr. old married chica who lives near Washington, DC and has three cats and likes to birdwatch, and wishes you well from afar!

  2. Ha! No worries, rebecca! Not creepy. I just FORGET somtimes. hee hee!