Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's so "fun" about having only 4 candy eggs per package?

Random... news.

News 1

Well, BoyKid DID get transfered. I think it's gonna be hard on him, too. He loved training. He LOVED Parma. Also, even though he has that perpetual good attitude thing that few can manage but him, but my mom always looks at, like travel info wherever he goes. And all of it says stuff like "don't plan any time for Ancona. It is a noisy dirty truck stop." Not that missions are for site-seeing... they are for soul-saving! But Parma was Gorgeous. OH and the only thing touristy she found about Ancona? NUDE BEACHES. HA HA HA HA! I mean, Elders can't swim anyway, but they couldn't even walk ALONG the beach here! hee hee hee!
SO in a desperate search to find fun things to talk about to baby bro about his new area I went Google happy and found out some LESS, uhh, CONVENTIONAL fame for Ancona.
CROP CIRCLES, People. ("I'm insane with anger!") HA! According to several sites, he is in, like, Area 51. "in Ancona are found many mysterious and some of the world's most beautiful crop circles." (one of my favorite parts was where it said that ONE of the 10 was probably a hoax according to ufologists. Did you know that "ufologists" is the same in English and Italian?

News 2

Another deer died. This time it was technically in the next door neighbor's yard but we still had to call to get it picked up. Because we are the Lorax!
We speak for the deer! The padre's neighbors are these very nice people from Vietnam who speak very little English. My mom is good friends with the mom. They go out to lunch together, which cracks me up, even though communication is a lot of smiling and nodding. (Also very funny was when my mom and another lady from her church decided to give her a Book of Mormon (VietnaMom is not LDS) in her language, and accidentally gave her one in Urdu (Pakistani language) which looks NOTHING like Vietnamese because it was in Alphabetical order but on the wrong shelf and my mom didn't know any better. She gave it to her, and when she told my mom "I can not read this." she thought she had totally offended her. Then she said "No, I can't read this language!" my mom protested and said "yes! You can! Look, it's in Vietnamese!" So that was pretty awesome because it cracked VietnaMom up for like 20 minutes.)

Anyway, so the other day, VietnaMom comes over and gets Mom and says "you have deer, yes?"

"well, we have them in our yard, but they aren't REALLY OURS you know. I mean, they live here, but I don't own them. I can't like... call them." I think she was worried "our" deer were causing trouble and maybe VietnaMom thought we could stop them. But instead, VietnaMom started to CRY!

"Oh, I so sorry! Your deer is dead! I tell [some other random neighbor] deer die on yard and they say call [Our last name] they know what do!"

So my mom did. She called and they came to take, yet again, another deer away. VietnaMom kept crying, and asked why it died. Mom told her that just happened in the winter.

"because they just so cold?"

"More because the food runs out. They starve."

It was... cute somehow. I don't mean that condescendingly, or to sound racist. It just... was.

News 3

My friend and Crater-ville roomie, Alabama, might just move back to Utah! This is a happy thing, I think. For one thing, I know we don't REALLY live in "Happy Valley" (do I EVER!) but maybe, somehow, being here would be GOOD for her... church-wise. And for me, well, I have been feeling such a longing for old friends, for reconnecting.

News 4

I am dealing with an odd medical thing. A nerve thing. Like an all over body carpal tunnel. Like electric shocks. Like hitting my funny bone all the time. I don't know what I am going to do. Right now it looks like it's to do with a collapsed part in my spine. It hurts, even with meds. I'm not doing so well. It's frustrating.

News 5

I have NOT eaten any Cadbury Mini Eggs from the "fun-size" bag in the drawer in this desk. I am saving them TILL EASTER. I gave them up for Lent and dang it all, I am going to do SOMETHING right this time!

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  1. Oh yeah, Lent. I should do that...I guess I did that with Soda though so...yay!