Saturday, February 9, 2008

Friends and Fuzzies!

I went to the doctor again yesterday. Something in my ankle is... TORN.

So I am living in my parent's basement with a wheelchair... possibly for WEEKS. My mom and roomie are taking care of my gliders (and turtle and tortoise and crabbies and fish) for me and I sit here for hours doing NOTHING on the couch because I can't even get to the bathroom with out help. Not exactly good for my Depression. And I feel like crap and, I'll be honest, I wanted to die.

So, amazing move by my dad who I often hate and who on many occasion has said the gliders are not even allowed to VISIT their house because "they smell," and regularly tells me I should get rid of them, suddenly agrees with my mom to MOVE THEM TO THEIR HOUSE SO I CAN TAKE CARE OF THEM HERE!!!!!! Actually give me something to care about and DO and love and live for! I am so excited! I have missed them terribly!

AND while I was gone? MY RAFFLE PRIZES ARRIVED!!!! *hugs Megs so hard* They are amazing things and made me feel so loved, even though, you know, I WON them, I still felt loved! Embarassed I just started crying and HUGGING toys and pouches and stuff. It was ridiculous, I know. But, Oh it meant so much.

And soon... SOON... my parents will bring my gliders to me again! I feel like I am getting sugar babies all over again! I am all excited and anxious to see their sweet faces! I have missed them. My babies.


They are here!!! My dad went and brought them tonight and I have been holding my babies for hours now and they are SOOOOO tired of me! hee hee hee hee! But I am so happy they are with me now. My dad put their cage in the storage room (the only place he'll allow it) but it is warm in there and I can roll in there with my chair so it is okay. I just BARELY let them go IN there, though, just now, because I haven't let them OFF of me since they arrived.

AND I had mom check my mail... Stewie, THANK YOU!!!!! A tin postcard of Rosie the Riveter!

I love my friends!

I love my family!

I love my furrkids!


  1. AWWW!!! I'm happy for you--I'm glad you have your sugar gliders w/ you!!

  2. Oh yay!!! Your dad pulled through! So glad you have your babies. :)

    And you're welcome -- I sent you email hoping your mom or someone would check the mail because I realized I'd sent it to the wrong place!!! Ack. Anyway. HUGS.

  3. oh sure stewie... make the rest of us look like bad friends! hee hee. jk.

    I'm glad you have your babies with you! Hopefully they get to stay for a bit while you're there and help you get better.

  4. Sometimes parents can surprise us...hehh. I'm glad you have your kiddles and I hope you get feeling better fast.

  5. You totally don't know me, but I've been reading your blog for awhile and I'm so happy for you to be reunited with your little ones. :)