Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Survey to Pass the Time

Eight lasts

1. last cigarette? Haven't had my FIRST... don't plan to.
2. last beverage? Just water. Bleh.
3. last phone call? My Neurologist. Because apparently NOTHING is normal anymore?
4. last text message? From Steph saying she got hired by Pepper Nix. :O)
5. last CD played? The Scarlet Pimpernel audio book
6. last BUBBLE bath? I'm allergic to most, so it's been awhile, like years
7. last time you cried? 3 minutes ago?
8. last meal? Some pasta salad *I* made and brought with me and a breakfast burrito my mom made me.

SEVEN have you's:
1. have you ever dated someone twice? If you mean like DATED-as-in-boyfriend broke up then dated again, then NO. If you mean, ummm, like been on 2 dates with the same guy, then Yes! twice! I am SUCH a player! hee hee hee!
2. ???
3. have you ever kissed someone & regretted it? kinda, a little, maybe?
4. have you ever fallen in love? I think I did.
5. have you ever lost someone? as in died? Yes, my cousin Brady. As in broken heart? Yes, Fresno. As in misplaced them in the grocery store, no, not yet. ;O)
6. have you ever slept until 2pm? Yes. More often than I would care to admit.
7. have you ever been drunk and throw
n up? no, but the second half of that PLENTY of times.

SIX things you did in the past three days:
1. Sprained my ankle
2. Watched a lot of CSI, Law & Order and other killing shows
3. Went to my Psychologist
4. Cried
5. Cried some more
6. Took a lot of stupid medication

FIVE people you can tell pretty much anything to –
Mali, StephAnn, Gilch, Mom, Megan

list THREE favorite colors —
Purple, Red, Green

list FOUR things you want to do before you die -
1. Swim with Dolphins
2. Hold a baby Monkey
3. Get married in the Temple
4. Have Sex

This month have you…
Laughed until you cried? No. Just cried till I cried.
Went behind your parents back? In... a WAY.

1. Your last kiss? Wasn't good enough... app
2. Gay Marriage? I... waver. On principle, I am against it. However, there are people I LOVE who struggle with that temptation. So I really do know it isn't as easy as "principle."
3. Lowering the drinking age? I don't much CARE as I don't drink, though I DO think it is kind of off that you consider someone old enough to fight in a war or get married at 18 but not drink till 21.
4. Straight, Gay, or Bi? What do I think about... I... am? hee hee! I am straight. Yeah.
5. Who are the best huggers that you know? my cousins' little kids... Gabe and Caleb. THEY are the best!
6. Do you believe in love at first sight? No. I do believe in ATTRACTION at first sight. But real love takes work.
7. Is there something you want to tell someone? There are lots of things I want to tell lots of people.
8. What brand of shirt are you wearing? Interestingly enough, Eddie Bauer
9. Would you kiss anyone on your top friends? On my MySpace? Lemme look... NOPE.
10. What is your current annoyance? my health. Especially my stupid ankle and foot.
11. How many kids do you want to have? I don't know. Between 1 and 10?
12. Do you want to change your name? Sure! I often make up better ones.
13. Last time you saw your father? Half an hour ago... aka: TOO SOON.
14. What did you do for your last birthday? Is it horri
ble I have to CHECK? Oh yeah. Worked at the Farm, was all CRUSHY (bleh!) and got flowers from Fresno, and got Chinese food with the fam!
15. What time did you wake up today? 11 am
16. What were you doing at midnight last night? Watching some random murder-y show with my foot in an ice pack, finishing that last blog post, starting this one.
17. Name something you CANNOT wait to do? play with my gliders again! I MISS MY BABIES SOMETHING TERRIBLE!
18. What is your favorite thing in your room? My Rosie the Riveter poster, probably, or my stuffed dog, Max or one of the other things that has memories.
20. Where is your best friend right now? Ummmm.... Brigham City? Or Sandy? Or Orem?


  1. *gasp!* you have a best friend in Brigham City?!?

  2. Okay, I thought you were being a dork (and you are)... but I also forgot you, like, MOVED. hee hee hee!