Thursday, February 14, 2008

Yup... S.A.D.

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I really usually don't care about Valentine's day. I mean, as a KID a did. It meant decorating a mailbox to receive the boxed cartoon valentines from each kid in class, picking out what my favorites were for my favorite friends, even making homemade ones for my very best friends. And, hopefully, candy and a party to break up the school day. But after growing up a bit, well, it changed. Got more boring.

And I was USED to that. Then I had last year when I actually sorta CARED. You know, like that weekend Fresno came to Utah. And we played. And, yeah, kissed, too. So, I have to admit, even though I am USED to joking around and calling it Single's Awareness Day and not caring or expecting anything at all... after last year, well, it makes THIS year kind of a let down after all.

Besides, it was just sort of a hard day anyway, emotionally. I am applying for some insurance stuff and had to tell ANOTHER doctor all about my mental stuff and basically had to rehash EVERYTHING and answer questions about suicide and stuff and it was bad.

HOWEVER, Some fun stuff. Rinny and her roomies did their Heart Attacking thing to me again. The funny thing is she gave me a SEALED box of conversation hearts with 1 heart in it! The whole box just had one! HA!

And then for dinner Padre took "the girls" out. Me, Rinny, and Mom. When we got there he had balloons and gifts at the table. REEEEEAL classy gifts... a potted Geranium for Mom and dollar store red and white stuffed animals for Rinny and I. A dog for me and a bear for Rinn. It was funny. It WAS sweet? but well, it's Dad... so it was CHEAP. hee hee. Ah my family! I love them. What can I say?

Anyway, I am going to bed.


  1. aww... that was really cute of your dad!

    my dad sort of sucked too and I didn't even HAVE a valentine last year. :-P

  2. Awww, that WAS cute of your dad! even if it was cheap!

    My mom usually sends us all cards but announced yesterday they were still sitting unaddressed on her dresser ... bummer.


    For you.

  4. One random question. . . do baboon's butts really look like that (heart shaped) or is it suffering from something? Either way kind of disturbing

  5. Oh my heck, Sherpa, he CAN be my imaginary boyfriend! Thank you!

    Cupcake, I THINK that's natural, but that he has a PARTICULARLY heart-shaped one... because I have seen others.