Tuesday, October 23, 2007

because my stomach was feeling left out

I went to my first day of my new job today which would have been okay except my stomach was was killing me. Long story short, I just got home (to the padre's) from the emergency room for a bleeding ulcer.

Throwing up blood and all that fun stuff.

I have had IVs and blood tests and it has been a very bad day. And most of it was probably caused by the fact that my Neurologist just told me I was being way TOO cautious about my meds for my headaches and too take them more and they were just too much for my guts.

Anyway, I won't be going to work at either place even though I am scheduled for 3 classes (discovery garden field trip for 2nd grade, spooky kitchen fun, and 2nd grade at the farm, too.). I am so doped up right now I want to cry.


  1. Oh, kip ... ((((((((((((((((kip))))))))))))))

  2. good grief, woman! take it easy. get some rest.

  3. oh wow, you poor dear!! I'm so sad to hear that you're going through this!

    Please get well soon. Don't even think about work... I give you permission not to feel even a shred of guilt regarding work. :) Your health is FAR more important.

  4. I'm so sorry. I agree with Laurie. Right now Work should no be on your mind!

  5. I don't think you should have any garlic burgers....

    good crap. feel better.

  6. I saw this blog on the list for Mormons and dropped on in.

    Sounds like you're in one of those medication cycles, where you take something for one thing, which causes problems in another area, and you don't know which to medicate next.

    Have you tried any of the natural medicines? There will be a solution out there somewhere. Hope it soon resolves.

  7. Yeah, I know I SHOULDN'T worry about work... but I do. But mostly I just feel like crap so I am fairly content to "eat" my clear liquids and lay curled up hurting and downing the occasional Percocet.

    I HATE meds. HATE THEM. And yes, Anne, I am definitely trying to explore some alternative stuff... I wish my INSURANCE would help me more with that. But I am exploring options.

    And, yeah, Steph, I so won't be having a Garlic Burger yet. SIGH.

  8. KIPPY KIP! I hope you are feeling better. Holla if you need anything lovie, I just in Provo,