Friday, October 26, 2007

"I'm not feelin' too good, man, 'cuz I have genital herpes."

No. Not me.

*I* have a bleeding ulcer and gastritis.

But the guy in TV apparently... yeah, he's got the gift that keeps on giving... and it made me giggle. Because the "I'm not feelin' too good, man" was the last thing said from the show on closed captioning, but it missed the first part of the commercial, so the next thing it read was "because I have genital herpes."

Anyway, back to real life, I am freaking tired of having my medical mystery of a life.

To update...
my head is still a problem, and I have an appointment with my Endocrinologist, Dr. NYB, on Monday.

my foot still has the tumor in it, but the cortizone shots are helping and so for now we are leaving it there.

I will be going to the hospital this week... whenever they call me to say so... to have an endoscopy to look at my stomach from the inside out. They are putting a camera down my throat. I am NOT happy with this idea, but it is the next thing I have to do with the ulcer thing. SIGH.

I am sorry my blogs have been rather BLAH lately. Just not feeling into writing, lately, even though it is my Free Therapy. My life is frustrating me and some days I wish it would end. (No, that's not a suicidal confession... I just WISH sometimes.

Anyway, sorry. I am going to lay down with my headache now.


  1. Oh, kip ... I haven't had an EGD, but when they did my second echo, they did it in the endoscopy suite 'cuz I had to have a camera shoved down there, too. I'll spare you the deets, but make sure you have ice cream and/or popsicles to suck on afterward, and plan on spending the day in bed from the drugs.

  2. I'd think I'd rather have something go down my throat than up my butt.

  3. I'm sorry.

    So, besides genital herpes-what else makes you smile?

  4. I think I'd rather not have read what Steph wrote.

  5. Hey, just bumped into your blog from the Tortoise Aid Yahoo group.

    Sounds like you're having (as they say) *issues* with the body thing. Since you also read (yeah, I saw the book list! Love Stellaluna, have you read Verdi by Janell Cannon? Kids' book, but wonderful.)
    you may find the Dianetics book helpful, I have. I read it and got a grip on my own physical stuff.
    Best wishes for you and your torts and flying critters!
    Zee in LA