Monday, October 15, 2007

Sleepy Sabbath and a Nice Day for a [Red?] Wedding

Today was icky. Yesterday was good.

I woke up feeling bad. Hurting. EVERYWHERE, but my foot was screaming (walked a lot yesterday... under a bunch of medication.) and my head was, too. I kept debating whether to go to church, but decided I need to at least TRY. I want to be worthy of the blessings I so desperately need. So I got ready and went. I made it through about 45 minutes before I had to go home and lay down.

I went home and thought I would take an hour nap and then eat something and take meds. This was at about 2. I woke up at 10:30. GREAT.

8 and a half hour nap. I am sure I will sleep SO well tonight.

BUT YESTERDAY was fun. It was Prism's wedding! She and Sluggo got married in the Salt Lake temple and it was GREAT and very THEM! I loved that.

CC met me at the Trax by Meg's house because she is AWESOME and saved me from driving the whole way on meds. There was a wedding breakfast at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We got there early so we went to the top and looked at the temple from the window. I still hate those elevators, though.But anyway, the breakfast was pretty fun even though I was hurting.

Yay for times with the girls!

The ceremony itself was, of course, beautiful. (It was in the Temple after all) But I LOVED how Prism and Sluggo seriously did NOT stop holding hands for even a SECOND the whole ceremony. VERY cute.
How cute are they?


Congratulations to Prism, our Defective Knuck!


  1. Why do you hate those elevators? I've never been inside them.

  2. SO CUTE!!! Fun stuff.

  3. Dude...your hair is like...fantastic! You look so beautiful! You too, Steph!

  4. Those are some great pictures. I just got their announcement the other day, so it's really cool to see them all married and everything. I love the style of their outfits--very nontraditional!

    (By the way, I started posting more often and some public ones over at my LJ again, just so you know. Haven't seen you by there in a while so didn't know if you stopped coming when I went friends-only, but then, I have friended you, so I figured you'd still be able to read.)