Sunday, October 7, 2007

Entomologists and Lepidopterists will get why the photo is Autobiographical

It is the last session of this year's General Conference and I admit, I feel a little sad. I know it is supposed to energize you for the next. Give you a time to re-evaluate and change. But with how I feel right now, I just feel sad. I feel like saying, "don't stop talking yet... I need more. It didn't work yet. I still feel bad."

I know, logically, the answer to that is "so DON'T stop...
read the Ensign
APPLY what was learned
(and go to some doctors for the physical stuff)
take what was said and use it..."

But still, I just feel this panicky ENDING feeling, like a spoiled kid looking for one more Christmas gift that maybe got missed behind the tree.


Elder Holland's talk on the Trinity. Wow. And there is a good summary of it here.

Elder Wirthlin, refusing to let pain and struggling keep him from getting his message out and Elder Nelson bracing him. It made me want to cry, mostly... but what love these men have for the gospel they teach. Who could claim they did not believe what they taught with all their hearts? But I just... I don't think E. Wirthlin will be with us long.

"Tell me a little about your church..."

Elder Eyring's WHOLE TALK. But especially, I admit, the parts about struggling with pain and illness. And how the Holy Ghost would comfort us in that stuff, too.

"The answer may be, 'not now. Be patient and wait.'" - Elder Robert D. Hales, on personal revelation.

Just seeing President Judd speak! I liked the story about horses, but mostly, he is a family friend of ours (Jessie's Dad! And he moved into our old house, etc. ) and, I just felt like, YAY! Plus, telling my Megs he was speaking MAY have got her to listen to one talk and since she hasn't done that in few years... yay! I miss Megs. I want her to be happy. And, I know it doesn't fix everything (BOY DO I KNOW THAT), I KNOW she was happier when she was in the church, you know?

"good, better, best"

"There are no proxies for knowing for yourself" - Elder Douglas Callister

And, of course, I *heart* President Hinckley.

So, yeah, Conference was good. It is 5 now, and afterward, we had dinner as a fam, that was nice.

I will admit, I didn't love all of Conference. I felt a little like Sister Beck was saying "you better have kids. And if you can't have kids you better damn well be depressed about it or else you are evil." I doubt that is REALLY her message, but... yeah. So that wasn't my favorite. And some I just was bored and didn't pay attention, so hopefully I will get more out of them when I read the transcripts, highlighters in hand. And there is still this... ending. And even though I WILL read it, and try to put stuff into practice, (and also, I am pretty sure that after I get through a few more endocrine tests, some diabetes crap, and fix this foot thing, I will be looking for a shrink), I just feel a little post-Conference Let-down, I guess.

I need MORE Direction, people.


natalie dee


  1. Yeah... that's what Sister Beck's talk was like during the RS Meeting too!! Only with "be married" added in. It sucked. And I KNEW what she was going to talk about as soon as she started with the strippling warriors.... she has a bandwagon. I can see how it's needed, but at the same time... the delivery method sucketh.

  2. i only caught bits and pieces of sister beck's talk. i'm looking forward to reading the whole thing later this week.

    i LOVED elder holland's talk!

  3. I enjoyed most of conference myself. I end up with brain fog afterwards, however, and can't remember much until I read the talks when the Ensign comes out. I prolly ought to take notes or something ...

  4. Conference was just spectacularly awesome!! I haven't enjoyed it this much since the mission.

    I teared up a lot during Elder Wirthlin's talk. Bless the heart of Elder Nelson. That made me think a lot about serving our brothers and sisters.

    I seriously can't wait til the November Ensign comes out!!

    Oh, and nice touch at the end with Natalie Dee. I like her stuff.

  5. I so completely get what you're talking about with the "ending" feeling and not getting enough. I don't know really what has changed, but in the past couple of years I can actually stay awake during all of the talks. I do let my mind wander sometimes though and I feel all sorts of guilty and left out when people rave about things I didn't notice.

    We all have room for improvement, but I think it's a phenomenally good thing to crave more of this kind of spirituality.